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Want a Spot in one of the Top 3 Leadership Programs in the world? Read on...
Are you passionate about excelling as a leader and evolving into a highly successful and respected C-level executive?

What if one of the world's top leadership coaches took a personal stake in helping you reach your potential?

...Using the same assessment and coaching techniques that helped Steve Jobs
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My name is John Mattone, and I'm humbled to share with you the inspiring moment when I had the opportunity to work on a coaching assignment with Steve Jobs. Steve was back at Apple, during his now-famous comeback story that everyone knows. At the time he was connecting the dots and trying to identify his leadership leverage points.
In a moment of self discovery, Steve agreed to take my assessment. The assessment and coaching sessions ignited his curiosity and self-awareness and provided him with deep insights about his leadership style as well as the pieces that needed work (I'll detail a bit more of this in just a bit).

He went on to build legendary teams and products...

Since then I've worked closely with more than 50 CEOs across the globe in more than 25 countries, including at some of the world's top companies and business schools.

And today... I couldn't be more excited to bring YOU a powerful, 8-month leadership development "immersion" experience. You have the option to select from one of three programs - Silver, Gold or Platinum (see below). Whichever program you select, we're confident to say that you'll be investing in a "game-changing" leadership development experience - GUARANTEED to unleash your full leadership potential and take your career to great heights!
Introducing the Intelligent Leadership Program:
A First-of-its-kind Leadership Development Experience
Rated One of the Top 3 Leadership Programs in the World for High Potentials and Emerging Leaders
The Intelligent Leadership Program is RIGHT FOR YOU if...

You're aspiring to reach a C-level leadership position (CEO, CXO, Business Unit Head, Department or Functional Head) in the next few years.

You’re an entrepreneur whose business is growing and you must raise your leadership game to continue attracting and developing the best talent so your organization continues to grow.

Your success as a leader depends on your ability to build a high performing team.

You've received feedback in the past but struggled to take decisive action.

You know you've got the potential to make it big, and have been waiting for the right strategy from the right coach.

You want to shine on a global platform in terms of your role and impact - you might even lead a global, diverse, multi-cultural team.
Want to reserve multiple seats?  Contact us today for group discounts.
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Benefits of attending a long term, coaching based, leadership university
Research shows that high potentials bloom into their full potential and become high impact leaders because of the coaching they receive. Self-awareness, action planning followed by a structured program accelerates development.

Here are just a few benefits of John Mattone's Intelligent Leadership program, based on the actual results shown by past participants:

You will get unparalleled insight into the essence of "who you are" but most importantly you discover the massive potential you possess to become even a stronger leader who brings even greater value to the world - your organization, your family, and yourself.

You will get deep insight into what your true style is and how to express it to drive dramatic, breakthrough results for your organization, your family and yourself.

You will understand your strengths and gifts and you also learn specific strategies on how to best leverage your strengths and gifts in support of your goals and the goals of your organization. 

You will become part of a truly global leadership development program. John has clients in more than 25 countries and every major region in the world. This means that you'll be part of a cohort made up of leaders representing various parts of the world... a true "melting pot" of global talent that you can connect with and learn from.

You will learn powerful, actionable, on-the-job techniques, tips and strategies to work on your improvement points. Steve Jobs learned from John Mattone that his greatest gift - his creativity, artistry and vision - were also at the root of his most critical weaknesses. He learned that under significant pressure he had ineffective tendencies to become self-absorbed, individualistic and would sometimes "withdraw" from conflict rather than meet it head-on. Steve Jobs, while sick and less than one-year from his death, was passionate about changing these negative habits. 

You will develop a powerful Personal Mission Statement and actionable Individual Leadership Development Plan using John's proprietary tools and personalized coaching. 

This becomes the definition of what your Compelling Future must be, which will incite and motivate you to take positive action to make a difference as a leader at work and home--now!

You will get mentored and coached by John to convert your actionable plan into real, sustained results.  

You will meet virtually with two of the world's top global CEO's (selected by John and his team) to ask them career and leadership questions, so you can gain priceless wisdom, guidance and mentorship on what you need to do to optimize your leadership journey and achieve your full-potential.

You will learn John's techniques for authentically leveraging the power of your network  your stakeholders - managers, peers and employees to help create and shape your Individual Leadership Development Plan, so you can ignite positive action on your part but also build-in support and accountability for your actions.

You will learn to calibrate your progress in the implementation of your Individual Leadership Development Plan by utilizing the feedback power of your network and mentors. Once you learn to overcome the fear of receiving powerful, constructive feedback from those who are close to you, you create a habit that will propel to sustained greatness as a leader. 

John will teach you the value of making the "vulnerability decision" and you will quickly learn that the key to unlocking and unleashing your greatness lies in making this most critical decision.
Details of the 8-month Leadership Course
(Next cohort starts November 1st, 2016)
• Complete the MLEI Online Assessment and Receive Your Personal Interpretive Report
• MLEI One-on-One Coaching Debrief with John Mattone (30 minutes)
• Predominant Trait Reading & Exercise (assigned by John)
• Least Mature Trait Reading & Exercise (assigned by John)
• Leadership Story Exercise (assigned by John)


Week #1
Content Webinar #1: Introduction to "Intelligent Leadership"-Your Personal Leadership "Immersion" Journey
• Homework: Review Your MLEI Client Interpretive Report and Leadership Story Exercise Results; Assigned Reading
Week #3
Group Coaching Session #1
• Leadership Story Debrief/Sharing
• MLEI Debrief/Sharing of Results
•Homework: Review Predominant Trait and Least Mature Exercise Results; Identify Mentor (JM Proprietary Materials); Identify Key Stakeholders; Other Assigned Readings

Week #1
Group Coaching Session #2
• Debrief Predominant Trait and Least Mature Exercises
• Homework: Create Your Personal Mission Statement Reading and Exercise; "How Will Your Life Be Remembered" Article
Week #3
Content Webinar #2
• Leadership Content - Introduce the Assessment-Driven Individual Leadership Development Planning (ILDP) Tool
• Homework: Create Your ILDP (using ILDP Tool and Bonus Resources--Library of Strategies and Sample ILDP)

Week #1
Group Coaching Session #3
-ILDP Debrief and Sharing
• Discussion – Mentor & Stakeholder “Tee-Up” Assignments 
• Homework: Application Exercise - Share ILDP with Mentor and Stakeholders; Re-shape ILDP based on feedback; Other Assigned Reading
Week #3
Group Coaching Session #4
• Debrief Mentor and Stakeholder Meetings
• Homework: Finalize Your ILDP and Start Implementing ; Other Assigned Readings

Week #1
Content Webinar #3
• Meet and Interview one of the world's top CEO's (Your chance to ask them career and leadership questions to ignite your leadership journey)

Week #3
Content Webinar #4
• Meet and Interview another one of the world's top CEO's (Your chance to ask them career and leadership questions to ignite your leadership journey)
• Discussion: TalentWatch Surveys - Building and Sustaining Accountability for Your Leadership Changes

• Individual Coaching/Gold or Platinum Clients (45-minutes)
• Individual Coaching/Platinum Clients (45-minutes)
7th MONTH*
• Continue ILDP Implementation
• Homework: Launch TalentWatch Surveys with key stakeholders with support from John Mattone’s Team

8th MONTH**
• Debrief TalentWatch Survey Results with John Mattone (30-minutes)
• Conclusion/Certificates

*In Month 7, you will utilize John Mattone's proprietary on-line TalentWatch Surveys to solicit direct, anonymous feedback from ten stakeholders whom you will have already identified as those in the best position to offer you accurate and honest insights on whether you have improved your talents as a leader and to what degree.

**In Month 8, you will have a 30-minute personalized coaching debrief with John Mattone to review the results of your TalentWatch Surveys and finalize your plan for sustaining your improvement or make course corrections. You will then be awarded your personalized John Mattone University Certificate of Completion, signifying your successful completion of one of the top three advanced leadership development programs in the world. Congratulations

Want to reserve multiple seats?  Contact us today for group discounts.
Email or call 407-268-5593
What participants are saying...
"In an era where many are claiming to have the “magic bullet” for personal and interpersonal effectiveness, John presents an original and creative approach that speaks for itself.  With his way to teach and interact with people, he impacted me deeply at the most important inflection point of my professional and personal life. I recommend you to try this course out. You may well discover it offers the help you need to truly transform yourself from the inside out."
Prof. Peter P. Pramstaller, MD
Scientific Director
Center for Biomedicine, Bolzano, Italy

“John Mattone’s coaching provided me with an insight on my leadership qualities and potential; a road map to my career goals (via John’s Assessment-Driven ILDP Tool); and a clear picture of my strengths and weaknesses that have made me the leader and person I am today”
Travis Boswell
Program Manager
United Technologies-Aerospace

“Delivered with an unmatched style, John’s powerful coaching methods impacted me deeply, creating an enduring awareness of my inherent talents which have since been fueling both my personal and professional life”
Fabio Potenti,
MD, Chief Medical Officer
Cleveland Clinic-Florida

"Mr. Mattone, through his coaching and my years of knowing him, has served as an advisor and coach to me. Through his wisdom, I have learned the true benefit of positive thinking and its influence in career advancement and in maintenance of a healthy workplace”
Clinton Mueller
Chief Operating Officer
Air-Val International

"John has excellent motivational ability. I was able to be coached by John and absorb his unique techniques to be a more effective leader and identify areas to improve."
Josh Rabinowitz
Supply Chain Planner
Jarden Consumer Solutions

“John Mattone afforded me the opportunity to learn about myself. For many, taking an introspective look at one self is something most speak of doing but few have achieved much less realized the benefits of. I am fortunate to have had the opportunity to discover and take advantage of my strengths while also work on my weaknesses through John Mattone’s Program, tools and powerful coaching”
Rene Silva
General Manager
OrthoDenco Labs

"Working and learning with John as part of his leadership immersion experience provided an incredible experience in personal and professional development". Thank you, John”
M.U. Farooq
Vice President, Sales & Marketing
ADT Security Services

“I would like to thank you for the opportunity you gave me to grow as a person and leader through your coaching. All the assessments that you provided me were of great help in grasping a better way of determining my strengths as well as my weaknesses. So much of what you taught me gave me the motivation and courage to leave my company where I worked for 25 years to pursue my dream to be my own boss and bring even greater value to my family and to the world”
Alex Luer
Former Service VP
LAN Airways-Colombia

"Through John’s assessments, I was able to better understand and confirm my thoughts on my leadership style and potential. One of the best tools he provided me was the Individual Leadership Development Plan, on which I work and have updated with bigger and bigger goals every year since John introduced me to it.

With John’s guidance and support, I crafted a well-thought out plan that lead me to reach my goal of becoming a Vice President of Marketing at least 7 years sooner than what I had expected. From becoming a published author to having a seat at a board to being a moderator at a panel, my hefty goals are at my reach by continuing to work on my IDP objectives with clear vision and confidence. John is a wonderful teacher and true leader who wants his students to live up to their potential. I’m forever grateful. "
Ana Albert
VP of Marketing
Association of Latin Professionals for America

“Coach Mattone  demands a new level of introspection. The program allowed me to further evaluate my career trajectory and hone in on leadership traits needing improvement before they became obstacles in my career progression.”
Chris Frazier
Sr. Manager, Contact Compliance
ADT Security Services

"Working with Coach Mattone enabled me to expand my outlook on my professional and personal life. Through his program I gained new experience on professional planning toward my career goals. It was truly a life changing experience!"
Andrea Hegedus
Accounting Manager
Tarsus Group
Billed one-time
(or 3 payments of $367)
  • MLEI Assessment & Interpretive Report
  • Personal MLEI Coaching Debrief with John
  • 4 Content-Packed Live Webinars
  • 4 Group Coaching Sessions
  • Individual Development & Action Plan
  • TalentWatch Survey to Measure Progress
  • Personal TalentWatch Coaching Debrief with John
  • John Mattone University Certificate of Completion
Billed one-time
(or 3 payments of $549)
  • All elements of the SILVER Program, PLUS...
  • A Personalized, One-on-One Coaching Session with John Mattone during Month 5 of the Program
Billed one-time
(or 3 payments of $733)
  • All elements of the GOLD program, PLUS...
  • An Additional, Private Coaching Session with John Mattone during Month 6 of the Program
Want to reserve multiple seats?  Contact us today for group discounts.
Email or call 407-268-5593
1. Each cohort is limited to a maximum of 100 leaders.  This allows John to provide a highly personalized developmental experience for each participant.
2. Sorry, but you cannot enroll after the cohort deadline (see below).  The program will reach it's max capacity of 100 leaders, so it's best to take action today to reserve your seat.
  Enrollment for the next program ends in...
John's ZERO Risk Guarantee
"Here's my personal commitment to you... If you bring the motivation and effort to the Intelligent Leadership Program, you will improve as a leader.  I'm so confident in this, I'll offer you a 100% Money Back Guarantee.  That's right... if you put in the effort and don't improve... as determined not by you but, objectively by your key stakeholders (i.e., you manager, peers and employees), we'll refund the entire cost of the program!" 
P.S. - Yep,  It gets better! If you enroll as part of John's next cohort, we're throwing in an amazing set of FREE bonuses. 

You get a free copy of John's bestselling book -
Intelligent Leadership: What You Need to Know to Unlock Your Full Potential
One of the "9 best business books of 2013" ranked with "The Virgin Way: Everything I know about Leadership" by Richard Branson, "Four Hour Workweek" by Tim Ferriss and "How Google Works" by Eric Schmidt and Jonathan Rosenberg

21 Laws of Intelligent Leadership Downloadable PDFs by John Mattone
Suitable for framing or desk/credenza display, John Mattone's 21 Intelligent Leadership Laws are extremely popular - serving as a constant and effective reminder to you and your entire team about the tenets of great leadership.

Receive a customized social media strategy tailor-made just for you! Social media is extremely powerful to increase your influence as a leader, to network with others who can grow your career, to research and to learn. John's team will work with you to create a customized strategy for you.

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