keynote speaker knoxvilleIt’s important for companies to keep their employees engaged, motivated, and inspired so that morale and productivity remain high. A keynote speech is a great tool at corporate events to present new ideas and strategies as well as to reinforce established company values and goals. The goal of a keynote speaker is to guide the audience and to help them realize their full potential to grow both personally and professionally.

An Effective Keynote Speech For Your Knoxville Event

With over 30 years of experience as an executive coach, John Mattone offers a unique, thought-provoking, and entertaining perspective that focuses on personal development. John Mattone is also a world-renowned author that wrote the book on Intelligent Leadership. John specializes in relaying his message in a dynamic and engaging way that is crafted specifically for the audience he is speaking to. With a high-energy speaking style and a captivating delivery, John connects with his audience both intellectually and emotionally. Audience members leave John Mattone’s speeches with new ideas and strategies that are easy to implement in their daily lives.

John’s keynote speeches are interactive with group exercises, interesting case studies, and open discussion. John Mattone provides free access to Powerpoint slides, articles, and personal assessment tools so his audience can leave with everything they need to improve and measure their growth.

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John Mattone’s proven strategies have been utilized by a variety of CEOs and executives at some of the most prestigious business events around the world. Contact John Mattone today for a keynote speech in Knoxville.