Professional keynote speakers are skilled in specific areas such as leadership or talent culture, and they have the ability to drive action from attendees with engaging and motivating presentations. Both organizations and individuals can benefit tremendously from attending a presentation by an experienced and talented keynote speaker. Attendees can learn new skills, strategies, and tactics that will help them achieve higher levels of success as they continue to grow.

Finding and Booking Your Keynote Speaker

If you are looking to book a keynote speaker for your next event, it’s important that you have first finalized a purpose or intent behind the presentation that you are looking to focus on. This way, the keynote speaker can tailor his or her speech to fit your agenda and goals. In addition, the keynote speaker will be able to determine the best ways to engage with the audience based on this intent or purpose. If you are trying to book a keynote speaker that is well-known and booked frequently for events, you will want to try and be flexible in regard to scheduling. As long as there is adequate buildup and preparation, a keynote speech can be effective no matter what the schedule is.

Generate Buzz Before the Big Event

One of the most important factors when it comes to preparing for a keynote speaker’s event is to generate buzz around the event beforehand, so attendees start to get excited for the event. You can have your keynote speaker do an interview prior to the event as a ‘teaser’ to put out on your website, e-blasts, social media, blog, or other forms of media.

Are Keynote Speakers Worth the Effort and Cost?

While it can take some expenses, time, and other resources to secure the ideal keynote speaker for your event, it can really be a powerful tool. By playing off of the attendee’s intellect and emotions, keynote speakers have a way to motivate and encourage attendees to want to grow individually and as an organization. As long as the delivery is authentic, informative, and engaging, a keynote speaker can have fruitful effects on a business as a whole. John Mattone takes his role as a leading keynote speaker very seriously. He is passionate and energetic in all of his presentations. If you think that John Mattone would be the ideal keynote speaker for your event, please reach out for an initial discussion.

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