Those that want to expand their leadership abilities or grow within their current career paths should consider leadership training as an option. Leadership training helps professionals of all career levels to develop and improve the necessary skillsets, habits, and abilities in order to effectively lead and manage a team, department, or an organization as a whole.

If you are looking for leadership training in Edmonton, John Mattone is your go-to resource. John Mattone is a leading executive coach and leadership speaker who has helped professionals and companies around the world with growing their company’s current and future leaders. From CEOs to Vice Presidents to HR Professionals, John Mattone’s leadership training in Edmonton is comprehensive and effective.

Effective Edmonton Leadership Training

John Mattone provides leadership training in Edmonton that shows current leaders how to identify and hire new talent, improve employee retention, and improve resource utilization.

John Mattone’s Edmonton leadership training programs help professionals improve with:

  • Better decision-making abilities
  • More productivity and efficiency
  • Relationship-building skills
  • Time management and prioritizing skills
  • Better communication and presentation skills

Edmonton Leadership Training Programs

Intelligent Leadership

Based on John Mattone’s Intelligent Leadership book, this training involves a full tailored plan on how to enhance one’s leadership skills. John Mattone will shadow the individual during their daily routines in the workplace, and then he will create a customized plan outlining areas to work on.

Cultural Transformation

The importance of the environment with which one works in is crucial to the success of that individual and the company overall. When an individual feels that they work in a poor atmosphere, they will be less motivated to be productive and efficient. In this training, John Mattone shows how to create a passionate and rewarding work culture where everyone can thrive.

Talent Culture & Acquisition

What makes a company successful is the people who stand behind it. In this training, John Mattone focuses on the hiring process so that current leaders can identify new leaders and help to develop them to their full potential.

Success Yourself

This training is focused on different areas within one’s inner-core – their heart, soul, and mind. Once an individual is able to focus on these three aspects of the inner-core, they will be able to further reach their potential and build a meaningful relationship.

Leadership Coaching & Talent Management

Based on John Mattone’s Trends in Executive Growth book, this training focuses on executives and leading them to the next level of success. John Mattone helps executive build on their leadership and management skills so that they can more effectively lead their organization and team.

World-Class HR Leadership

This training focuses on HR professionals and how to incorporate their roles into other aspects of the business.

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