portland executive coachingOne of the main benefits of working with an executive coach, like John Mattone, is the ability to help accelerate your career no matter what industry you are in or looking to work within in the future.

First, you accept a job offer – which is fantastic that you were chosen as the best candidate for the respective position. However, the work does not stop there. After training and advancing in your new position, you most likely will witness obstacles or challenges you may find yourself unfamiliar with. This is typical and likely to occur.

Participating in an executive coaching program can help you learn new techniques and tools to tackle these challenges and see positive results – while learning new skills that will help you grow within your current role and industry.

Effective Executive Coaching in Portland

John Mattone’s executive coaching programs in Portland focus on creating personalized agendas and plans of action that will help reinforce and expand upon skillsets for leaders within a particular company. It also helps create a growth and development process for potential leaders that can help the company flourish in the long-term.

John Mattone focuses on both professional skills and habits as well as personal skills and habits that help you handle difficult situations in the workplace and at home.

Once you have hired the services of John Mattone for executive coaching, he will analyze your current skills, provide direction on where improvement can take place, and offer assessments to help implement any new skills or techniques learned through the executive coaching program.

John Mattone’s executive coaching training programs teach a variety of skills, tools, techniques, and habits that will help professionals of all levels excel in their careers and industries. While you develop all skills at once, you can prioritize the areas that need the most improvement and work one step at a time. No matter where you go within your career, these leadership skills, and executive coaching techniques will assist you in all positions, at all companies, and in all industries.

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