Sean Ryan, Chief Strategy Officer

Sean is an experienced business development and sales leader with additional experience in the form of team management and startup strategy. Sean started his career working for larger corporations such as Wayfair (started with them when they were known as CSN Stores) and eventually helped two small startups during early stage growth. He joined his first startup when he began working for Seismic, a sales enablement software organization, and utilized his business development experience to help build an inside sales team from 5 to over 50 in a 3 year span while managing his own team focused on sourcing large enterprise opportunities. He then went into a similar situation at an even earlier stage startup at MarketMuse, a B2B company focused on SEO, and added closing deals to his experience.

As Chief Strategy Officer, Sean is responsible for helping grow the business in the form of closing large speaking deals for John as well as strategizing outreach and negotiation with the business development team.

When Sean is out of the office, he enjoys watching his hometown Celtics and golfing in the Florida sunshine. Sean joined the team in September of 2018 after spending his first 33 years in Boston and is now sharing an office with the JMU team in Boca Raton while living in his new home in FL.