The Future of Leadership, Now

On behalf of myself and our team at John Mattone Global, Inc., we hope you and your families are staying safe during this challenging time.

There never has been a more important time than NOW for each of us to “raise our own bar” on the leadership we bring to our families, our communities, our organizations, our countries, and our world. We believe the pathway to achieving a higher bar is through Intelligent Leadership. Becoming a great leader who instills hope, passion and perseverance in others doesn’t magically happen. We believe all greatness that is seen in others is all ignited from greatness within—call it the inner-core or your soul. We believe the greatest antidote to beating COVID-19 and any disruptor is the strength, maturity and vibrancy of your soul. Intelligent Leadership (IL) is all about having the courage to look within to discover the incredible gifts and strengths you possess that for whatever reason are “hiding” and to find a way to leverage those gifts through your actions and behaviors so you ignite and impact others—touching their heart, mind and soul.

IL is also about discovering the weaknesses and gaps in your soul that are holding you back or could hold you back in the future and likewise finding a way to address those gaps with tenacity. We don’t believe you can become the best you can be and become all that you are called to become unless you start on the inside. When you think about the pandemic combined with advancing technologies totally disrupting how we work and how we live—people working from home and your children learning from home, increased social isolation, increased uncertainty, rising unemployment—all of these factors, not to mention the impact of perhaps the most powerful generations that make up the human race—Generations Y and Z and how they expect to be treated in the workplace, all of these factors in combination point to the importance of Intelligent Leadership in the “new normal”.

We must all become more courteous, compassionate, caring, communicative and collaborative (yes, the 5 C’s) at work and at home in our new normal. None of these behaviors just “happen”. They are all ignited from the heart and soul. This is the future of leadership, now.

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