Successful executives don’t invest in executive coaching.
They invest in results.

John Mattone’s Intelligent Leadership (IL) Executive Coaching Certification is an International Coach Federation (ICF) accredited program which has earned the reputation as being one of the premier executive coach development programs offered anywhere in the world. John Mattone, the world’s top executive coach and the former coach to Steve Jobs, has personally certified over 300 global executive coaches (representing 46 countries and growing) as IL executive coaches, since March 2017—when the IL Certification Program was launched. The IL Executive Coaching Certification Program will ignite your coaching career, exponentially grow your business and brand as an executive coach and, enable you to offer your clients a proven executive coaching philosophy, process and unique leadership coach development tools guaranteed to produce results and a powerful ROI.

Discover the unique and powerful components of the Intelligent Leadership (IL) Executive Coaching Blueprint created and mastered by John Mattone who, since re-launching his business in 2011, has grown his executive coaching brand and business to what it is today—becoming one of the most in-demand CEO coaches in the world. Now you can become certified in this unique executive coaching process made famous by John Mattone and learn directly from the man himself. The Intelligent Leadership Executive Coaching “Initial Mastery” Certification is accredited by the International Coach Federation (ICF) and approved for 22.25 Coaching Continuation Education (CCE’s) Units AND 21.75 Core Credits!

Accredited by the International Coach Federation and
Approved for 22.25 CCE’s (and 21.75 Core Credits).

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    The John Mattone Intelligent Leadership (IL) Executive Coaching Certification Program is a 3-day “immersive” journey in executive and leadership coach development. Ultimately, this comprehensive Program enables external and internal coaches to help leaders and future leaders unlock and unleash their potential so they truly become the best leaders and people they can be. The IL Executive Coaching Process achieves this by igniting and strengthening a leaders inner-core and outer-core, which enables them to realize 4 “game-changing” outcomes that they can leverage as leaders in their business and life: altruism, affiliation, achievement, and abundance (The 4 A’s). The 4 A’s are the seeds to achieving sustained greatness and creating a lasting legacy. This Program includes participating in an “immersive” 3-day hands-on learning experience (also available on-line) with John Mattone himself; an extensive 600-page Coaches Resource Manual; and optional, but highly recommended two-year development journey guaranteed to help the certified IL coach grow their coaching skills as well as their success as a coach.

    Becoming initially certified as an Intelligent Leadership Certified Executive Coach (Level I-Bronze IL Certification Badge) certifies and enables the coach to carry out coaching assignments using the IL Process. However, the goal is for each coach to continue their IL development journey (Level II-Silver Certification Badge) to becoming a Master Intelligent Leadership Certified Executive Coach (Level III-Gold Certification Badge) within one year from the time they are awarded their Bronze Certification Badge. Within two years, the goal is for each coach to achieve the coveted Platinum Elite Intelligent Leadership Master Executive Coach Badge, which signifies that the coach has successfully completed six coaching assignments utilizing the IL process, philosophy and tools.

    Level I-Bronze Badge: Intelligent Leadership Initial Mastery Certification
    The coach must complete the Intelligent Leadership Certification Program

    Level II-Silver Badge: Intelligent Leadership Advanced Mastery Program and Certification
    The IL coach must be in the process of completing all five advanced Intelligent Leadership executive coaching “deep dive” programs, each of which is ICF accredited:

    1. The Mattone Leadership Enneagram Inventory (MLEI) Program (10 Core CCE’s).
    2. The Strategic-Tactical Leadership Index (STLI-360) Program (21.50 CCE’s; 11 Core CCE’s).
    3. Core Purpose (10 Core CCE’s).
    4. The Assessment-Driven Individual Leadership Development Planning Process (19.75 CCE’s; 11.5 Core CCE’s).
    5. The IL Stakeholder & LeaderWatch Process and Tool (10 Core CCE’s).

    Level III-Gold Badge: Intelligent Leadership Master Executive Coach Program and Certification
    The IL coach must successfully complete all five of the advanced Intelligent Leadership executive coaching “deep dive” programs, each of which is ICF accredited. This will qualify the coach for our IL Coach Team and the opportunity to work with us on Global Coaching Projects with some of the largest brands in the world.

    Level IV-Platinum Elite Badge: Becoming a Platinum Elite Master Intelligent Leadership Certified Executive Coach
    To be awarded the coveted Platinum Elite Master Intelligent Leadership Executive Coach Certification, the coach must successfully complete 6 executive coaching assignments (six- month assignments minimum) utilizing the IL coaching process and tools (note: our team will stay in frequent contact with the coach throughout the coaching journey).

    Special Scholarship Opportunity for IL Certified Coaches
    who commit to Achieving their Master IL Certification (Level III)

    • To receive the scholarship, the IL Certified coach must commit to beginning their journey to achieving their Level III Certification within 60 days
      after receiving their IL “Initial Mastery” Certification.
    • Once the IL Certified coach commits to their ongoing IL journey, they will receive a $2100 scholarship which they can apply toward the total certification tuition associated with the five remaining advanced IL programs. The remaining five advanced IL Programs will provide the I Coach with 71.50 CCE’s (standard tuition-$7,000). After applying the scholarship, their tuition will be $4,900 with payment options available.

    The Benefits of Committing to Your IL
    Executive Coach Development Journey


    Grow your coaching business, brand, fees and revenue as you progress from receiving your “Initial Mastery” IL Certification to achieving your Master IL Certification (Level III) and Platinum Elite Master IL Certification (Level IV).


    Promote and leverage your globally respected IL Certifications to your prospects and clients; becoming certified as an IL coach signifies that you have learned and mastered one of the world’s premier executive coach development programs.


    More clients will experience your enhanced talent as a coach—your newly acquired IL philosophy, process and tools will guarantee measurable impact and improvement in your clients and this will earn you greater respect and more business.


    When you achieve your Level III Certification, you will immediately qualify to be considered for referral coaching opportunities from us. Our goal at JMG is to provide coaching opportunities to our most qualified and top IL coaches.


    When you achieve your Master Certified IL Executive Coach Certification (Level III), you will immediately become a member of JMG’s IL Coach Team where you will have the opportunity to compete for and win lucrative coaching assignments with our global clients.


    For International Coach Federation (ICF) members, you can easily renew your credential with over 93 IL CCE’s under one comprehensive and signature coaching brand–The John Mattone Intelligent Leadership Executive Coaching brand.


    For non-ICF members, you can promote and leverage your comprehensive, signature IL Certifications as approved and accredited by the world’s #1 coaching community and accreditation body, the International Coach Federation (ICF).



    • Intelligent Leadership (IL) Executive coaching skills self-assessment
    • “Context” and behavioural interviewing and debriefs
    • Defining and building a leaders Core Purpose Statement
    • Defining a leader’s gifts and strengths and building an Action Plan to sustain them
    • Defining a leader’s gaps and building an Action Plan to address them
    • Defining the value of leadership growth for the leader, stakeholders and organization
    • Involving stakeholders and mentors in the coaching/change process
    • Action Planning for change and growth
    • Behavioral reinforcement
    • Measuring leadership impact and growth
    • Building your coaching brand and your business
    • Learning how to administer, analyze and debrief John’s proprietary Mattone Leadership Enneagram Inventory (MLEI), a unique and powerful inner-core assessment that will help leaders leverage their strengths and address their development needs (we have over 7000 global leaders in the MLEI database including 200 Fortune 1000 CEO’s and other top global leaders including the late Steve Jobs who took the MLEI in 2009, which led to his coaching work with John Mattone)



    • Each attendee completes the MLEI and receives their own MLEI Client Interpretive Report.
    • Each attendee completes the Executive Coaching Self-Assessment
    • Pre-workshop readings

    Day One

    • Overview of the John Mattone Intelligent Leadership (IL) Executive Coaching Process
    • Sample reviews and discussion: IL Positioning and Pre-Sales Materials,
      Coaching proposal, contract and Welcome to Executive Coaching letter
    • Understanding the “Wheel of Intelligent Leadership” and “Stealth Model” for engaging with the coachee
    • How to measure a leaders “inner-core” using the Mattone Leadership
      Enneagram Inventory (MLEI) and Input-Output Processing Template (IOPT)
    • How to interpret and debrief the MLEI and behavioral interviews
    • MLEI Exercise
    • How to measure, interpret & debrief a leaders “outer-core” using the
      Strategic-Tactical Leadership Index-360 (STLI-360)
    • STLI Exercise
    • How to introduce & use the Assessment-Driven Individual Development
      Planning Tool (ILDP) and bonus resources
    • How to engage stakeholders and mentors in the behavioral change process
    • Homework

    Day Two

    • How to articulate leadership growth areas
    • Defining the value of leadership growth for leaders and stakeholders
    • Review sample emails/messages to stakeholder and mentors
    • Practice Exercise: Stakeholder Meeting
    • Homework

    Day Three

    • Leadership Story Exercise
    • MLEI Predominant and Least-Mature Trait Exercise
    • Core Purpose Statement (CPS) Exercise
    • Measuring leadership impact and improvement, using LeaderWatch
    • 15 Things You Can Do Now to Grow Your Brand and Business as an IL Executive Coach
    • Continuing Your IL Executive Coach Development Journey: Becoming
      “Advanced” and “Master” Certified IL Coaches
    • Awarding of Certificates and ICF Coaches Continuing Education credits (22.25 CCE’s AND 21.75 Core Credits!)
    • Welcome to the Intelligent Leadership Executive Coaching Family!


    • The Intelligent Leadership Executive Coaching Certification Program is accredited and approved by The International Coach Federation for 22.25 CCE’s AND 21.75 Core Credits.
    • The Mattone Leadership Enneagram Inventory (MLEI) Certification to administer, interpret and debrief this powerful and unique “inner-core” assessment
    • A complete complementary resource library of John’s proprietary executive coaching tools, templates, resources, guides, exercises, and sample worksheets to add to your
      executive coaching “toolkit”


    • Quality workshop materials: Resource binder, coaching tools, templates, exercises, readings, and worksheets.
    • John Mattone’s best-selling book, Intelligent Leadership. Online participants will receive the PDF version.
    • Access to all workshop materials.
    • Access to John’s on-line library of leadership and coaching articles as well as his successful Expert Interview Series, to add to your breadth and depth as a coach.
    • Discounts on John’s assessments: the MLEI, STLI, and LeaderWatch™ Surveys.
    • Free Tools: John’s Assessment-Driven Individual Leadership Development Planning Tool (ILDP) and Bonus Resources (i.e., Library of Developmental Actions for Leaders and Sample completed ILDP Tool).
    • 22.25 Coaches Continuing Education credits (CCE’s) from the International Coach Federation (ICF) and 21.75 Core Credits.
    • Support from our office on any coaching questions.


    Improving Lives Forever.

    “John Mattone has helped some of the world’s most influential leaders.
    And he can do the same or you, if you let him.”

    – Marshall Goldsmith
    author of The New York Times best-sellers “MOJO,”
    “What Got You Here Won’t Get You There” and “Triggers.”


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