John Mattone’s Intelligent Leadership was named one of
the three Top Advanced Leadership Development
Programs that Change Lives.

John Mattone is the #1 authority on Intelligent Leadership, the world’s top executive coach (and, the former executive coach to Steve Jobs). The Intelligent Leadership 2.5 Day Retreat, based on John’s global best-sellers—Intelligent Leadership (2013) and The Intelligent Leader (2019), is an intimate and in-depth retreat where high potential and established leaders will discover and drive their personal framework for leadership and personal success.



  • In July of 2019, the research organization, recognized John Mattone as the world’s #1 coaching authority.
  • In 2017 and 2018, the research organization, recognized John Mattone, along with Marshall Goldsmith and Tony Robbins, as the top three coaching authorities in the world.
  • John was awarded the prestigious 2015 International Executive Coach Thought Leader of Distinction Award, in recognition of his thought leadership and his work as a global leadership coach. With the award, he received an honorary lifetime Master Corporate Executive Coach (MCEC) certification, becoming one of only four global executive coaches who currently hold this certification.
  • John Mattone’s Intelligent Leadership was named one of the three 2015 Top Advanced Leadership Development Programs that Change Lives (along with programs by Tony Robbins and John Maxwell).
  • John was named as one of eight finalists for the prestigious 2017 Thinkers50 Leadership Award recognizing the world’s top leadership authority and thinker.
  • In 2013, John was awarded the coveted Master Corporate Executive Coach (MCEC) certification from the Association of Corporate Executive Coaches.
  • Since 2011, John has consistently been recognized by, Thinkers50, Forbes, CNN, LeadersExcellence, Warren Bennis’ Leadership Excellence Magazine, and many others as one of the world’s top leadership authorities, executive coaches and speakers.
  • John Mattone has coached over 200 C-level executives in his career including the late Steve Jobs and Roger Enrico , the former Chairman and CEO of PepsiCo.


  • Immersive, personalized leadership development experience leveraging John Mattone’s coaching and content, peer learning, and deep personal introspection.
  • Team-building beyond the classroom: intimate peer-to-peer and action-learning event.
  • Explore and discover your Core Purpose and translate this learning into actionable steps that ignites your full potential.
  • Discover the strength and vibrancy of your inner core and learn to translate this learning into driving greatness in your outer core (how the world sees you).
  • Map your own leadership style to the traits on the Wheel of Intelligent Leadership.
  • Take the powerful Mattone Leadership Enneagram Inventory (MLEI), to uncover the leadership traits that are working for you and against you.
  • Optional: Supplement your MLEI results with the California Psychological Inventory-260 (CPI-260) and John’s proprietary Strategic-Tactical Leadership Index-360 (STLI-360).
  • Debrief your MLEI results (as well as your CPI-260 and STLI-360 if this option is selected) in a private executive coaching debrief session with John Mattone.
  • Exit with a full Individual Leadership Development Plan (ILDP) and roadmap for leveraging your leadership gifts and addressing your gaps.
  • Complete the immersive experience with John Mattone’s proprietary post-retreat private coaching session and stakeholder survey, LeaderWatch, to measure your leadership improvement and debrief your survey results with John.
  • Relaxed, private reception and dinner for participants with Coach John Mattone.
  • Retreat includes a 2.5 day workshop, pre-program assessments, coaching sessions, tools and resources, all program materials, a copy of John’s bestseller, The Intelligent Leader, and private welcome dinner with John Mattone.




Pre-Retreat | Assessment & Executive Coaching

  • Prior to entering the retreat, all participants will take the proprietary Mattone Leadership Inventory Assessment – a powerful leadership assessment tool that builds the framework and roadmap for exploring and distinguishing the executive maturity of your “inner-core.”
  • Participants will be scheduled for a 1-hr private Executive Coaching session to debrief on the assessment results and gain an understanding of individual leadership maturity and your unique leadership footprint.

DAY 1 – Roadmap to Leadership Success

How you need to think (and act) differently towards leadership.

Day 1 will focus on how you can become a role model of leadership, gauging your level of executive maturity, understanding the “Wheel of Intelligent Leadership” and pull it all together into your own leadership framework.

AM Session

  • Your Leadership Success Roadmap
  • Understanding Your “Inner” & “Outer Core” in More Depth

PM Session

  • Understanding the “Map of Executive Maturity”

DAY 2 – Peer Learning Activities

Learning is retained through collaborative critique and application to real-life situations.

AM Session

  • Your Leadership Story – a Peer Learning Activity
  • Understanding Your Leadership Inventory Results

PM Session

  • Building Your Predominant Traits – a Peer Learning Activity
  • Building Your Least Mature Trait -a Peer Learning Activity


  • Attendees will prepare an Individual Leadership Development Plan (ILDP) using the insight gained from Day 1 of the workshop assessment results, peer learning, feedback from Coach Mattone, and reflection throughout the retreat.

DAY 3 – Individual Development Areas

Leadership strengths, development and action-plans are finely-tuned.

AM Session

  • ILDP Presentations and Debrief
  • ILDP Key Learnings
  • Post-retreat Accountability and Sharing with Key Stakeholders

Retreat Conclusion | Presentation of Certificates

Post-Retreat (3 Months) Survey

Accountability for leadership growth and development through stakeholder involvement and feedback.

Participants will be invited to measure progress against their own ILDP and utilize feedback from three key stakeholders. By measuring post-retreat progress, participants will be able to continue leveraging leadership strengths and addressing ongoing development needs.


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