Allentown Leadership Training

allentown leadership trainingFor over 20 years, John Mattone has been a leading name in executive coaching and the authority on intelligent leadership. John Mattone’s Allentown leadership training programs are designed to promote and develop the skills needed to grow as an effective leader. John’s leadership courses in Allentown provide a great opportunity for professionals at all career levels to advance their careers and benefit their organization as a whole.

World-Class Leadership Training Programs

John’s leadership training programs help to improve conflict resolution skills, communication, work relationships and facilitates a positive work environment. Each program is customized specifically toward the client’s objectives and goals.

Intelligent Leadership

John Mattone’s intelligent leadership training is based on John Mattone’s best-seller called Intelligent Leadership and focuses on everything it takes to reach full potential as a leader.

Cultural Transformation

This leadership training program is focused on creating a better work environment and culture for your team for increased productivity and efficiency within the workplace.

Talent Culture & Acquisition

This training program is all about helping hiring managers and human resource professionals develop the skills needed to find and foster the right talent for their companies.

Success Yourself

Based on John’s book of the same name, the Success Yourself leadership training program helps professionals dig deep to find strengths within the heart, mind, and soul to reach full potential.

Leadership Coaching & Talent Management

This training is specifically focused on continuous growth for those in current leadership positions.

World-Class HR Leadership

John’s World-Class HR leadership training in Allentown is ideal for HR professionals looking to recruit new talent

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