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John Mattone has been an acclaimed executive coach and renowned authority on intelligent leadership for over two decades. John Mattone offers leadership training in Colorado that is designed to expand and facilitate the skills needed for continued growth as a leader.

colorado leadership trainingColorado Leadership Training Programs

John Mattone’s leadership training programs were designed to help build on the qualities and skills that separate great leaders from the rest. While John’s leadership training in Colorado focuses mostly on individual growth, entire organizations can experience better communication, stronger relationships, and a healthier work environment from a strong leader. John Mattone is well-known as a keynote speaker and leadership coach throughout the world. He has helped thousands of individuals and companies grow both personally and professionally through his unique Colorado leadership training programs. When you join in on one of Mr. Mattone’s leadership training programs, you can expect a personalized agenda that is based on your specific goals and objectives. Below are a few of the Coloradoleadership training programs that Mr. Mattone offers:

Intelligent Leadership

The Intelligent Leadership program is modeled after John Mattone’s best-seller, Intelligent Leadership. This program focuses on helping current managers or leaders thrive even more by expanding upon their current skillsets and improving any areas where they may lack. This program can be booked as a one-day or half-day session, with multi-day retreats available as well.

Cultural Transformation

The Transforming Culture program is all about creating a more positive environment and establishing a winning culture for everyone who works at your company. By creating a centered workplace, employees will be more motivated to efficiently produce more quality work.

Talent Culture

The talent culture training program is solely focused on helping hiring managers, operations managers, and human resource managers to learn the best ways to scope out new talent for their respective companies.

Success Yourself

The Success Yourself training program works with individuals on how to develop their ‘inner-core’ to reach their full potential. By reaching your full potential, you can then help others to do the same.

Leadership Coaching & Talent Management

The Leadership Coaching & Talent training program was created based on Trends in Executive Growth that Mr. Mattone had published previously. This program focuses on teaching those in current leadership roles how to continue to grow and enhance their abilities and skillsets.

World Class HR Leadership

The World-Class HR Leadership program is a Colorado leadership training program designed for human resource professionals. Here, HR professionals will learn various aspects of business, in addition to strategies on how to locate new potential talent.

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