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fort worth executive coachingIn order for a business to excel, the CEO needs to be able to motivate and guide employees to do their best day in and day out. While this sounds like it should be easy, it can prove to be the most difficult part due to different personalities, motivation factors, and additional aspects for each of the employees.

Being able to have an outside source evaluate the work-place dynamics to help determine areas of improvement to better benefit the company as a whole is the best path to take when trying to improve a company. John Mattone provides executive coaching in Fort Worth that is designed to help professionals and those in leadership positions advance their careers.

Comprehensive Executive Coaching In Fort Worth

Management is built from various different levels. The quality of those levels can make or break the business. Since CEOs are at the top of the hierarchy, they are responsible for providing high-quality leadership from the top down.

Improvement should always be on a CEO’s mind as there is always room for it. If a CEO is not performing to the best of his or her ability then, being at the top, it funnels down to the rest of the levels, negatively affecting the overall company. In order to navigate away from this and towards the right direction, executive coaching comes into play.

When you hire an executive coach, you are hiring a consultant who uses experience and an unbiased perspective to analyze short-term, mid-term, and long-term effects of decision-making. This directly gives the CEO clarity on the best and most efficient avenues that will positively impact the future of the company.

To start, executive coaches collect data about the company such as employee information, company goals, environment, management styles, current responsiveness, etc. Once this data is gathered, the coaches analyze it and decipher it into easy-to-understand, practical information to give to the CEO to use for decisions regarding solutions to current issues.

John Mattone observes factors about the effectiveness of the CEO’s leadership, the leadership styles being used, and the strengths and weaknesses of the CEO. While this process usually lasts between 6 months to 1 year, many CEOs choose to keep this resource on hand as improvement never stops.

Why is Executive Coaching Important?

There could be whole books written on the importance of executive coaching. However, the biggest reason would have to be that they provide a service that helps maximize leadership within the company.

The majority of CEOs report that they would benefit from having an executive coach for this reason alone. While CEOs are in that position for a reason, they are not perfect. This means that they can miss things from time to time, so having a third party with a different perspective keeping them in check can only help improve their weaknesses.

Give CEOs a Different Perspective

CEOs can become overworked and overwhelmed trying to keep up with all aspects of the day to day business as well as the big picture, more abstract parts. A lot of times CEOs lose that ability to take a step back and gain a fresh perspective.

This is where executive coaches are so critical. They help to lighten the load so that the CEOs can clear their heads in order to get a full, rejuvenated picture of the company and how it is performing.

More Efficient Decision-Making

An increasingly added benefit of an executive coach is better decision-making. By having new perspectives on lots of different aspects of the company, CEOs become open to choices that they may not have ever thought of before. This gives the CEO a chance to make better decisions for the good of the company. Each decision is geared toward this because an executive coach’s goal is to improve the company.


Since CEOs are the heads of the companies, lots of times they are surrounded by people who do not want to get on their bad side. This can lead to a lack of accountability. By having someone from the outside come in and evaluate their performance, it increases that accountability and helps to sharpen their performances.

Increased Confidence

Confidence comes from being prepared and that is exactly what hiring an executive coach is doing. By working with a coach, you are preparing your entire business for the future by helping to make better leaders, decision-makers, motivators, and ultimately better people. On top of all this, CEOs have someone to consult when they need a different perspective.

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