What is exactly is a keynote speaker, and when would you typically use their services? In many cases, a keynote speaker attends a conference, tradeshow, event, seminar, or another form of professional gathering to speak on a topic of expertise with a motivational aspect to the speech. It is the keynote speaker’s responsibility to motivate and create excitement among the audience while speaking on a topic in a way that allows the audience to think of this topic in a way that they normally wouldn’t have without attending the keynote speaker’s speech. While many speakers are able to accomplish this by sharing personal experiences, others can offer unique perspectives that enable the audience to think differently about the topic. At the end of the speech, the goal is that the audience leaves feeling excited, motivated, and inspired to further explore the topic outside of the actual event.

What Makes a Keynote Speaker Successful?

There are many different aspects that define what makes a keynote speaker successful. Some of the main aspects include:

  • Confidence – A keynote speaker should feel confident within himself or herself, as well as feel comfortable with all types of audiences and topics
  • Credibility – A keynote speaker should have experience in the topic itself or in the ability to view things from unique perspectives.
  • Excitement – A keynote speaker should understand that not everyone is comfortable on stage and should incorporate humor or excitement to help ease this tension.
  • Listening Skills – While a keynote speaker will be the one front and center, for the most part, it is important that he or she also is able to listen intently, especially during Q+A sessions.
  • Preparation – A keynote speaker should be well-prepared for all speeches and should also be ready for constructive feedback from their audiences.

Selecting the Ideal Keynote Speaker for Your Event

The first step in finding the ideal keynote speaker for your event is to ensure that the host of the event, the meeting planner, and anyone else involved with the planning should all agree on the purpose of the keynote speech. Then, you should research keynote speakers that have the credibility for this purpose. An experienced keynote speaker will know which specific questions to ask to ensure he or she is the ideal fit for your event. Some of the items that you will want to consider when selecting your keynote speaker include:

  • Does the keynote speaker have the background and experience to deliver both professional and engaging speeches that will have the audience’s attention?
  • Does the keynote speaker understand the purpose of the event and have the experience to stick to the theme and intention behind the event?
  • Does the keynote speaker offer unique and unusual perspectives behind the topic to engage the audience?
  • Will the keynote speaker be able to inspire the audience?

Is a Keynote Speaker Worth the Cost and Time?

A keynote speaker has the ability to generate a positive effect on the audience through an incredible journey that plays on both intellect and emotions. When people feel motivated and inspired, they want to take action. If a keynote speaker can provide this experience, then it can be well worth the cost, time, and other resources it takes to utilize the services of a professional keynote speaker.

What Can You Expect from a John Mattone Speech, Retreat, or Workshop?

John Mattone takes great pride in his keynote speeches, retreats, and workshops. He wants his audiences to feel invigorated and excited when they leave the event. John Mattone uses his experience with thought leadership combined with his energy, personality, and passion to create game-changing events that provide real results. He has worked with some of the world’s top CEOs, government leaders, start-ups, and professionals of all levels, which has earned him the leading reputation he has today.

John Mattone’s Style and Approach

John Mattone has a very unique style and approach. He believes in creating an energetic atmosphere that is fast-paced but maintains strong content that the audience can follow along with. John Mattone believes in audience interaction to keep the audience engaged, so you can expect a thrilling delivery on-stage and personal interactions off-stage throughout the event. For more information on Boston keynote speakers or John Mattone’s Boston keynote speaking events.

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