John Mattone is a world-renowned executive coach and the leading authority on Intelligent Leadership. John is available for speaking events and you can contact him for a keynote speech in Los Angeles and surrounding areas. John Mattone has helped professionals all over the world in many different career levels – from CEOs to government officials to managers and those who are just starting out in the corporate world. Why is John Mattone one of the top Los Angeles event speakers? Besides his passion for helping others navigate through the corporate world, John Mattone has also been a keynote speaker at a variety of well-known business events and has shared the stage with some of the world’s leadership icons including Steve Forbes and Richard Branson. I am a very fast-paced and high-energy Los Angeles keynote speaker who is sure to keep the speech exciting and easy to follow along with. I try to make each and every speech as collaborative and fun as possible so that the audience enjoys themselves and actually feels as if they have learned something useful at the end of it all. In addition, I usually provide the audience with a few take-home materials that they can refer to in the future for reference. On top of physical materials, I also leave my audience with a range of tools and techniques with which they can implement into their daily professional routines to better their leadership skills and abilities.

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My top priority is to ensure that the audience is not just attending another boring speech on leadership. I want the audience to have fun and to laugh, but to also be able to leave with key takeaways that will help them excel in the professional world. At the end of the day, it is important that the audience feels as though I exceeded their expectations as a Los Angeles keynote speaker. This is also why I am continuously educating myself to make sure all of my speeches consist of updated topics, research, examples, and personal and professional stories.

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