When you think of a keynote speaker, you think of someone speaking on a stage at a conference, event, seminar, tradeshow, or professional congregation conveying their professional expertise to a gathering of interested listeners. The keynote speaker’s intention is to inspire and sway the audience towards their point of view or mastery on the subject of the speech. Keynote speakers can use their own experiences or their extensive research on the subject to spark the crowd. The objective is for the audience to leave the function feeling as if they have learned something new and exciting.

What Makes a Keynote Speaker Successful?

The success of a keynote speaker depends on many factors.

  • You need to invest time in developing your ideas in a fresh, new way that will captivate your audience.
  • Identifying your ideal audience is important. The message may not resonate with everyone so decide the types of groups you which to reach.
  • Confidence is extremely important to convey to your listeners. The more speaking you do, the more confident you become.
  • Speaking skills are a must. Gestures, body language, and speaking habits need to be looked at and tweaked if needed.
  • As painful as it can be, being able to listen to constructive criticism is a must. The audience may question or input their own opinions regarding the subject and the keynote speaker needs to be open to receiving different views.

Selecting the Ideal Keynote Speaker for Your Event

Understanding of the meeting, who the targeted audience will be, what has worked in the past will determine what type of speaker is needed. A 6-12 month search is best to ensure the best speaker for your event. Speaking fees, of course, are a factor but should not be the main focus in choosing your speaker. A checklist is always a good start to prepare for the keynote speaker search. The following list is advisable.

  1. Have a clear aim for your speaker.
  2. Explain the logistics and schedule of the speaker.
  3. Know your audience and their expectations.
  4. Return of Investment, both short term and long term.
  5. Prepare questions and be flexible with the format of the Q&A with the speaker.
  6. Negotiate the costs upfront.
  7. Don’t compromise as you are the customer.

What Can You Expect from a John Mattone Speech, Retreat, or Workshop?

John Mattone takes great pride in his keynote speeches, retreats, and workshops. He wants his audiences to feel invigorated and excited when they leave the event. John Mattone uses his experience with thought leadership combined with his energy, personality, and passion to create game-changing events that provide real results. He has worked with some of the world’s top CEOs, government leaders, start-ups, and professionals of all levels, which has earned him the leading reputation he has today.

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