What makes a great keynote speaker? A successful keynote speaker is one who can provide an audience with an informative, engaging, and invigorating experience. A keynote speaker does not just mumble on about a specific topic, but he or she will also interact with the audience and relate to the audience based on personal experiences and unique perspectives. One of the key factors that make an exceptional keynote speaker is the speaker’s ability to connect with the audience on a personal level. Whether this means engaging in a Q+A after the speech, speaking individually with attendees after the event, or creating discussions during the event, it is important that the audience feels comfortable and open to communicate with the keynote speaker.

What You Shouldn’t Expect From a Keynote Speech

If your business or organization has extreme issues, do not expect a keynote speaker to come in and simply have a “fix-it-all” solution for you. While a keynote speaker can be a powerful tool and voice in suggesting new ideas and processes to better some issues within an organization, it is crucial that everyone within the organization is on the same page and wants to take action to fix the issues. Keynote speakers can help create customized, detailed strategies to implement to take your organization to new levels of success.

What Can You Expect from a John Mattone Keynote Speech?

John Mattone wants his audience to feel that they are actually part of the event through an energetic, interactive, and passionate experience. Those who have previously taken part in one of John Mattone’s keynote speeches describe his events as powerful and game-changing. You can expect to leave with real-life knowledge and exciting strategies and skills that will help your professional growth down the road.

John Mattone’s Typical Client

John Mattone works with professionals of all levels – from CEOs to government officials to entrepreneurs and entry-level executives. Those who can truly benefit from my keynote speeches include anyone who is looking to reinvent or renovate their current organization; anyone looking to enhance their leadership skills and abilities; or, anyone that is looking to build a powerful leadership team and talent culture for their organization. John Mattone offers keynote speeches on intelligent leadership, talent culture, and other professional topics for companies and individuals all over the world. Because of his experience and previous research, these individuals and companies trust John Mattone for his guidance and knowledge in these types of events.

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