Intelligent Leadership: What You Need to Know to Unlock & Unleash Your Potential

In 2015, John Mattone’s Intelligent Leadership, along with Tony Robbins’ Creating Lasting Change and John Maxwell’s 5 Levels of Leadership were named the three Top Advanced Leadership Development Programs that Change Lives!


This powerful program is based on John Mattone’s best-seller, Intelligent Leadership (March, 2013). ). In March 2018, John was named along with Tony Robbins and Marshall Goldsmith as one of the world’s top three leadership coaching authorities. In November 2017, John was named as one of eight finalists for the prestigious 2017 Thinkers50 Leadership Award recognizing the world’s top leadership authority and thinker. The #1 authority on Intelligent Leadership, John will teach you the principles that make him the man that leaders and future leaders all around the world turn to for game-changing insights on how to overcome their self-imposed limiting thoughts and habits. He reveals his key insights for unlocking and unleashing greatness in yourself, your teams and your organization so you can create a compelling, winning culture that drives operating results.

John Mattone utilizes his proprietary “Leadership Maturity Model” as the foundation for teaching leaders the predictive components that unlock and unleash their full potential, all in support of driving sustained operating performance.

Key Elements of John’s Presentation:

• Think Different; Think Big
• The Power of the “Vulnerability Decision”
• Leveraging “Gifts” and Addressing “Gaps”
• The Courage to Execute as the Instigator to Agility in Learning and Innovation!
• Possessing the ‘Privilege Mindset”
• Being Vigilant
• Course-Correcting
• Your “Inner-Core” Drives Your “Outer-Core”
• Character Determines Your Destiny
• Your Legacy as a Leader is Determined by the 4 A’s (Achievement; Altruism; Affiliation; and Abundance
• It’s Not About the Leader You Want to Become; It’s About the Leader You Must Become
• What I Learned Coaching Steve Jobs—Lessons Learned
• You Can and Must Create Your Compelling Future—For Others; Your Family; Your Organization and Yourself.

*Available as a Leadership Keynote Speaker, Half-Day, One-Day or Multi-Day Retreat
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The Intelligent Leadership Retreat program conducted by John Mattone for one of our clients was such a successful experience that we have been requested to invite John again to conduct another program for the company’s top management. The professional design and contents of this Retreat experience along with John’s speaking and coaching expertise are of the highest quality we have ever seen. Senior executives were highly engaged before, during and after the Retreat due to the multi-faceted learning approach John has embedded into this powerful executive development experience. We highly recommend John Mattone’s unique executive development experience to companies and organizations all over the World.”

Labeed S. Hamid
President MEMC (Middle East Management Centre)
Co-Founder and Member of the Board MCT (Management Centre Turkey)

Transforming Culture…The Road to Reinvention & Renewal.

The road to reinvention and renewal for any organization is based on having a workforce—from top to bottom, who are “centered”, happy, and passionate about making themselves better but also their organization better—John Mattone


In John Mattone’s newest power-packed program, based on his recent Amazon and Inc. Magazine Best-Seller, Cultural Transformations he reveals the critical steps that must be planned-out and executed in order for any organization to create and sustain a renewed, winning culture that engages, inspires and unleashes talent in support of driving breakthrough results.

The road to reinvention and renewal for any organization is based on having a workforce—from top to bottom, who are “centered”, happy, and passionate about making themselves better but also their organization better. The real pathway to achieving sustained success in any organization lies in creating a culture of “centeredness”.

The challenge for global organizations as well as the small to mid-sized entrepreneurial organizations is not “how do we make our people happy”? The real challenge is “how do we ensure that all our people are “centered” so they are poised and passionate to be the best they can be every day? It is through “centeredness”, that passion, happiness, joy and true engagement happens. But, it is culture that drives happiness and engagement and, ultimately, it is culture that drives operating success.

Culture is the foundation from which successful organizations are built—however, most struggle to create an environment in which employees can be fulfilled, effective in their work, and feel “unleashed”. What exactly is it that makes some organizations achieve and sustain breakthrough success, while others struggle with transforming their cultures…whether it involves crafting a new compelling vision and culture or merging cultures?

Based on years of research and advising Fortune1000 CEO’s and senior leadership teams and his in-depth interviews with 14 global CEO’s who are succeeding in positively transforming their cultures, John Mattone argues that the highest performing organizations both embrace and execute his 6 critical steps to achieving transformation, but transforming culture always begins in the C-Suite with a CEO and senior leadership team that must be willing to be “vulnerable” both individually and collectively. In this dynamic presentation, John Mattone details the essence of what is meant by the “vulnerability decision” as well as the other critical steps that must be embraced and executed in order for your organization to effectively accelerate its’ own reinvention.

Download John’s Transforming Culture: The 6 Critical Steps Model

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It’s About Talent… It Will Always Be About Talent: How to Create & Sustain a Winning Talent Culture.

This program is based on John Mattone’s new breakthrough Amazon best-seller, Talent Leadership. The program is geared for HR professionals and operations leaders who are charged with designing, implementing and/or conducting leadership assessment and coaching processes and practices.

John Mattone’s proprietary “Stealth Cultural Leadership” Model provides the foundation for learning about the critical talent practices that need to be optimized and integrated in order for an organization to achieve and sustain success in talent management. These elements include: (1) isolating target leadership competencies; (2) utilizing a variety of objective assessments to calibrate performance, potential and readiness; (3) integrating assessment data to identify strengths and development needs; (4) creating compelling IDP’s that guide and motivate; and (5) coaching leaders from the “inside-out.”

Download “The Stealth Talent Culture Model”

*Available as a Talent Management Keynote Speaker, Half-Day or One-Day Session


Success Yourself: Unlocking and Unleashing Your Greatest Potential

John Mattone is the man Fortune 500 companies turn to for game-changing leadership theory insights on how to help their leaders and employees overcome their self-imposed limiting thoughts, beliefs and habits, and discover powerful and unique ways to unlock and unleash their potential. John Mattone helps people achieve an “inner-core” balance by strengthening their self-image, character and values, thinking patterns, beliefs, emotions, and actions, so they realize greater success…stronger relationships, stronger partnerships, new levels of achievement, and wellness.

This interactive leadership training program will prepare and cultivate your heart, mind and soul so you are poised to “touch” the hearts, minds and souls of those with whom you work and live. In the role of grandparent, parent, spouse, son or daughter, and as a working professional regardless of title or occupation, there is truly no more a noble, worthy or rewarding life pursuit than discovering the keys to achieving a stronger “mental state” as a foundation to unlocking and unleashing your own massive potential, as well as the potential of those with whom you work and live. John Mattone will teach you that success is not tied to having abundance; his philosophy is that it is the “disciplined pursuit of less, in the end, will give you more”.

Success Yourself: Unlocking and Unleashing Your Greatest Potential is a research and empirically-based program that uses my Wheel of Professional Success™ and Map of Maturity™ as the foundation for explaining the predictive relationships that exist between an individual’s “inner-core” strength, “outer-core” competencies, achieving “mental balance”, and how your heightened “brilliance” can drive a stronger, more vibrant and effective person. Beyond explanation, however, this program will challenge you to reflect on, connect with, and accept both the “gifts” and development opportunities you possess. From there, I will guide you in specific ways on how to strengthen your “innercore” character, values, beliefs, thoughts and emotions as well as your “outer-core” competencies so you breakthrough your self-imposed limitations and can achieve all that you are capable of achieving as a person and professional, while maintaining “balance” and health.

*Available as a Keynote Speaker, Half-Day or One-Day Session



This engaging and insightful program is based on John Mattone’s “Trends in Executive Development” research published by Pearson, the world’s leading education company. Professor Mattone’s research is widely regarded as one of the most authoritative and respected global research studies in the field of leadership development and leadership theory. Mattone surveyed and interviewed over 100 global organizations to isolate the cutting edge executive development and talent management practices and processes they use to drive operating success.

In this dynamic presentation, Professor Mattone will:

  • show you how leading-edge companies develop their talent;
  • show you how your organization’s efforts compare to the “best of the best”;
  • discuss the critical competency gaps of the next generation of leaders;
  • pinpoint the processes companies use to identify high-potential and emerging leaders;
  • discuss the implications of the impending baby boomer exit;
  • equip you with ideas and strategies for accurately identifying and developing your future leaders; and
  • show you how to prepare your leaders and emerging leaders for the future

John Mattone’s Twenty 2020 concept offers a powerful and compelling look at the future of talent management and executive development. The Twenty 2020 concept identifies the critical 20 leadership development and talent management practices that must be implemented and executed immediately by any organization to successfully mitigate their operating risk and ensure their survival and viability-through the year 2020 and beyond.

*Available as a Keynote Speaker, Half-Day or One-Day Session


How to Identify and Develop Your High- Potential and Future Leaders.

This engaging program is designed to enable attendees to understand and develop a succession management process for leadership theory that accurately identifies and develops leaders and future leaders, including:

  • Building a Succession Management Value Proposition (SMVP)
  • Benchmarking your organization’s succession management program using Mattone’s Succession Management Index (SMI)
  • Applying state-of-the-art bench strength analyses
  • Conducting formal succession reviews
  • Planning and executing development activities
  • Integrating succession programs with other HR programs
  • Measuring the ROI of your organization’s succession management program
*Available as a Keynote Speaker; Half-Day or One-Day Session


World-Class HR Leadership: It’s About Talent, Leadership & Being a Great HR Partner

The conversation about HR having a “seat at the table” is over. The door is wide open and the Human Resources function has its seat; increasingly one being populated by HR Business Partners that are aligned with business units rather than, or in addition to a centralized HR function.

But for many organizations that have filled these roles with HR generalists, long on skills in the HR function but short on experience in other areas of the business, these partnerships are proving frustrating for both sides. Now, more than ever, HR professionals need a whole new set of competencies, some related to talent and some related to business to deliver the results their organizations are looking for.

*Available as a Keynote Speaker; Half-Day Session


I am privileged to address leadership and human resource groups all over the world. These groups hire me primarily because they want their audiences to experience my powerful content and research; it is my passion for research that is the foundation of all my speeches and presentations. Aside from my compelling content, I am hired because I deliver my message with passion and authenticity.”

— John Mattone

Creating & sustaining a truly “game-changing” leadership and talent culture is cited by CEO’s worldwide as their #1 current and future business challenge (my Trends in Executive Development Research, published by Pearson & 2014 Conference Board Research)….My speeches and programs will prepare your organization, your leaders and future leaders to meet this challenge and thrive.”

—  John Mattone 

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