Becoming a great leader doesn’t just happen overnight. There are specific skills that most leaders need to identify and develop in order to reach their full potential as effective leaders in their respective organizations. John Mattone’s Las Vegas leadership training program is focused on helping current and future leaders progress both personally and professionally.

As the top authority figure on intelligent leadership and with over 25 years of experience in executive coaching, John Mattone is your best option when it comes to booking one a leadership training course.

Las Vegas Leadership Training Programs

John Mattone offers a variety of Las Vegas leadership training programs:

Intelligent Leadership

The Intelligent Leadership training program focuses on showing attendees how to recognize their strengths, in addition to identifying where there are areas for improvement. This Las Vegas leadership training program will also help instill the confidence needed to overcome any self-limiting thoughts or feelings. At the end of the program, you will have the wealth of knowledge needed to utilize new skills that will benefit your personal and professional life.

Transforming Culture

The Transforming Culture training program is all about transforming the work culture and work atmosphere to one that is more positive and more encouraging. This improvement in culture leads to team members feeling a sense of belonging and centeredness within the workplace that only benefits the company as a whole.

Talent Culture

This leadership training program in Las Vegas is centered on showing attendees how to both secure and develop the right talent for their respective organization. In addition, attendees will learn the importance of having the right talent within a team, and why having the right opportunities for growth available for both current and future leaders is significant.

Success Yourself

The Success Yourself leadership training program is built on helping professionals with the skills and qualities it takes to recognize and unleash their full potential. This involves learning how to connect with your inner-core to realize which areas are your strengths and which areas have room for improvement.

Leadership Coaching & Talent Management

The Leadership Coaching program was designed to help current leaders create a succession management process that effectively identifies future leaders. In this program, John will teach attendees how to help train future leaders for their respective roles as leaders in an organization.

World-Class HR Leadership

The World-Class HR Leadership training program was created for HR professionals and hiring managers. Many times, these individuals are only experienced in HR-related aspects of the business. In this program, John teaches attendees other areas of business that will help HR professionals expand in their current roles and help the business grow.

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