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orlando leadership trainingThere are often many barriers to overcome in the corporate environment; and, as an executive, the extent of these barriers varies from person to person and company to company. While each executive and company has their respective obstacles to overcome, there is a common factor: A struggling executive leads a struggling team which, in turn, leads to poor business.

To effectively lead a team, an executive must take control of his or her own growth and development. A leader must display the traits needed to motivate people, encourage employees, handle obstacles the right way, and create an enthusiastic and supportive culture.

Leadership Training Programs in Orlando

John Mattone believes in instilling the core values needed to overcome any and all workplace obstacles.

His goal is to provide the greatest degree of value so that you can grow and develop personally and professionally to leave a lasting legacy on the world. Our events layout the groundwork for executives to start building their work culture the right way towards efficient leadership and development. Focusing on these priorities provide the best possible opportunities to attain the greatest amount of success.

John Mattone’s Orlando leadership training consists of a dynamic approach to leadership development.

The programs focus on training company executives and leaders to establish their inner and outer cores to allow them to provide the framework for the rest of the company to excel.

Here is what you can expect from our Intelligent Leadership Executive Coaching (ILEC):

  • Introduction to our four crucial phases: Awareness, Assessment, Action, and Achievement (The 4 A’s). Along with these, you will learn our seven leadership pillars
  • Individual sessions with an ILEC coach over an extended period of your choosing (usually 3 to 12 months)
  • Personalized leadership and development plan from one of our certified-ILEC coaches
  • Shadow Experience: An ILEC-certified executive coach will shadow you throughout your workday
  • Coaching-prep for meetings, interviews, and employee individual development plans

We have a unique approach to leadership training, which takes development and places it at the top of the priority list to provide the best results possible for executives and the team under them.

John Mattone wants all of his clients to experience a rejuvenated sense of self to improve their lives both personally and professionally.

In addition to the Intelligent Leadership Executive Coaching program, John Mattone offers Orlando keynote speeches, Super-Elite Executive coaching, an Intelligent Leadership 2.5-day retreat, the Intelligent Leadership Online Academy, and much more.

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