oregon leadership trainingWith more than 350,000 small businesses in Oregon, the economy is moving right along at a strong pace. It is an exciting moment to be an entrepreneur in Oregon and you can be sure that the growth will continue. With the large number of businesses popping up, one can imagine that the turnover rate is a challenge. This could be a result of many things, but one aspect that owners can manage and work on is the work environment, relationship, and culture. Creating and maintaining a good work environment is not an easy task, but a great leader makes it happen. Leadership affects a company’s success on a micro and macroscopic level. Therefore, John Mattone has created leadership training for executives, managers, and rising leaders to strengthen and learn leadership skills that can elevate them, as well as their company, to new heights.

Who can benefit from John Mattone’s Leadership Training?

  • Executives who are looking to enhance their leadership and executive coaching skills.
  • Professionals who want to continue to develop their coaching skills and help emerging talent for their company.
  • Professionals who wish to develop core competencies to help them stand out and reach new levels.
  • Anyone who wants to work on and develop their confidence and prepare to lead others.

What can you expect to learn from John Mattone’s Oregon Leadership Training?

Never has there been a lack in the number of professionals applying for jobs and seeking growth in today’s aggressive job market, instead the lack comes from the ability of these professionals to achieve their maximum potential on their own. Through John Mattone’s Oregon Leadership Training, Individuals participating will build on their current skills as well as work on, and develop new skill sets that can be used in both their professional and personal lives. Although structured, the training is flexible and tailored to the participant.  Our coaches will help you choose the right training path based on your wants and desired outcomes. In our leadership training programs, participants will work together with advanced leadership coaches who will work to take your abilities to new levels. Our coaches will assess your current leadership strengths and weaknesses, in turn establishing a blueprint to magnify and improve your leadership skills.

John Mattone’s exclusive coaching philosophy accomplishes elevated outcomes by increasing participants’ inner and outer core. Participants will learn to control the 4 “game-changing” outcomes known as altruism, affiliation, achievement, and abundance. By learning to control these aspects, individuals are given the tools needed to achieve continuous and steady excellence, not just managing advanced results for themselves as well as their coworkers or teams, but producing a positive legacy that will survive the competitors.

Our leadership training programs concentrate on:

  • Communication
  • Building Confidence
  • Mastering Public Speaking
  • Conflict Resolution and Maintenance
  • Establishing and maintaining a positive work culture

Through, John Mattone’s leadership training in Oregon, participants will get the help they need to enhance their communication skills, raise their confidence, resolve conflicts. and get rid of the fear of public speaking.


Confidence plays a major role in leadership and how leaders are perceived. Through our leadership training we will give you the tools needed, and experience required to feel comfortable and confident when performing your tasks.

Public Speaking

Speaking publicly is a common fear and can make even the most skilled leader look weak if they cannot effectively communicate to small or large groups of people.   Do not let this fear stop you from shining.

Conflict Resolution

Workplace conflicts and conflicts in general, are very common and can take place at any time. If handled incorrectly, the outcome can result in a lack of motivation by the parties involved as well as a loss of respect for the leader. Therefore, conflict resolution is a crucial piece of all leadership trainings, training participants on how to deal with conflicts in a polite and professional manner that will benefit all.

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