Nicholas Mattone

Nicholas Mattone, Chief Relationship Officer

Nicholas Mattone is an expert relationship leader and a global leadership authority and coach for millennials. Nicholas, a former Division I basketball player who also played professionally for four years in Uruguay and Barcelona, brings discipline, tenacity and a positive teamwork mentality to his work every day. After his basketball career, Nicholas worked for Lifetime Fitness as a Sales Advisor and Seismic Software, a sales enablement software organization where he worked hand and hand with outside sales reps to close enterprise opportunities.

As Chief Relationship Officer of John Mattone-Global, Nicholas is responsible for building and sustaining strong relationships with our global network of clients, prospects, partners, coaches, franchisees, the media as well as grow his own millennial coaching brand under the Re-Wire/JMG brand. Nicholas is the “glue” that brings the JMG internal and external teams together and keeps them together in support of the JMG vision, mission and purpose.

Nicholas has a B.S. in Communications from Kennesaw State University. He is a Certified Intelligent Leadership Executive Coach and in the process of achieving his Master IL Coach Certification.

While Nicholas is out of the office he enjoys going to the gym, playing basketball, and relaxing with his friends and family.


coach wisdom
Nicholas is the author of the bestselling book “Coach Wisdom-Volume II” (2020).