Trevor Maloney is a distinguished thought leader specializing in mindset, sales, and leadership strategies for coaching companies, entrepreneurs, and CEO’s. With his guidance, John Mattone Global has skyrocketed from zero in revenue in 2011 to multiple millions in revenue annually. John Mattone, and the JMG brand continue to leverage the powerful tools and mindset secrets spearheaded by Trevor Maloney to grow and become one of the top 10 executive coaching firms in the world (Worldwide Research Reports-2023; Statsdata-2024). Since 2011, JMG has grown an impressive brand and business in the global coaching market. In addition, under the leadership and expertise of Trevor Maloney we have helped many other global coaching brands hit their next level of growth.

Trevor’s unique perspective and dynamic energy set him apart in the realm of personal and leadership development. His journey, marked by resilience and triumph over adversity, fuels his passion for teaching the power of the mind and resilience. Raised by a single mother after his father left at birth, Trevor moved through four different homes by the age of four and experienced the loss of his first son with his wife. These personal experiences enable him to connect deeply with his clients, driving transformative results.

As a former high-performing Division 1 athlete, Trevor understands the discipline and dedication required to achieve excellence. He advocates for self-leadership as the cornerstone of personal and business success, believing that anyone can achieve greatness regardless of their circumstances. His thought leadership has also inspired millions of leaders globally through his impactful content online.


Trevor began his coaching journey in his early twenties, working with private clients and speaking on stages to share his message with current and future leaders. With over a decade of experience, he has coached high-performing leaders, athletes, entrepreneurs, and CEOs, helping them realize their full potential through radical transformations in self-image, perspective, renewed vision and leadership capabilities. In 2017, Trevor joined the John Mattone team and had the opportunity to be mentored by John Mattone as he continued to refine his sales and marketing philosophies and tools.