Most workplaces go into a different work mode in December, even if their industry isn’t tied to the holidays. Some workplaces accelerate the pace as the end of the year approaches, and others slow down as people take time off to visit family. And since December has a different vibe than the rest of the year, it offers unique opportunities. For one, your team may be looking for inspiration as they think about what they have accomplished this year and what they hope to accomplish in the next. The workplace may be extra stressful, somewhat slow and boring, or a series of both scenarios. Either way, bringing in a keynote speaker is a terrific way to help everyone refocus their attention and remember what’s important. Here are 4 keynote speaker topics your team may be especially receptive to as we close out the old year and welcome the new one.

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Just about every workplace takes on a different energy toward the end of the year.

1. Corporate Culture Transformation

Without a winning corporate culture, a company has a harder time hiring the talent it wants, and may have a harder time retaining the talent it has. A healthy, relevant corporate culture inspires people and puts them in an environment where they aren’t afraid to give their best efforts. Your team members want to feel they are effective and that their work is fulfilling, and a healthy corporate culture offers this, inspiring them to innovate and excel. Why do some organizations have a terrific corporate culture while others don’t? How can existing corporate cultures be improved or transformed into something better? These are topics that may simmer below the surface unarticulated, but the end of the year and the possibility of a clean slate come January means now is a great time to tackle this topic.

2. Unleashing Leadership Potential

You have an exciting new year ahead, and some of your outstanding team members will be taking on leadership roles. They’re probably equal parts excited and nervous and naturally want to demonstrate that choosing them for leadership positions was the right decision. A keynote speaker who speaks about making the most of leadership potential through the heart, mind, and soul can reach the professional who is primed for inspiration by the holiday season. And when a keynote speech on unlocking leadership potential happens during the holiday season, it will be more memorable due to the natural frisson present in most workplaces in December. Show your promising new leaders how to tap into their potential and make the most of it in the future.

3. Achieving Goals

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Keynote speeches about achieving goals are perfect when people are making resolutions anyway.

For most people, the holiday season is a time of excitement, activity, and to-do lists. Goals, and their achievement (even if they’re just things like picking up the dry cleaning for a holiday party) are in the forefront of people’s minds as they anticipate gatherings of families, friends, and colleagues. Why not bring in a keynote speaker to talk about the achievement mindset and how to use it? Most people make resolutions in the new year, and they’re about achieving goals of some description. A keynote speaker with an inspiring speech about setting and achieving goals gives your people new mental and emotional tools they need to make good on their big plans for the new year.

4. The Relevance of Coaching in the Workplace

Corporate training is something that just about everyone is familiar with. But what about corporate coaching? You might learn a skill through training, but perfecting it requires practice, and the help of someone who knows how to sharpen skills. Even if you have no plans to bring in coaches to solidify skills learned in training sessions, it’s important for your team to understand the importance of putting skills to work to improve them. Many times, they can act as their own coach, learning to look objectively at skills and see where they’re strong and where they can be improved. Understanding of the relevance of coaching in the workplace dovetails nicely with the ambitions most people ponder when there’s a brand new year coming up.

Take Advantage of an Inspiring Time of Year

Chances are, your workplace is somewhat different in the time leading up to the end of the year. It can be an excellent time to have a motivational keynote speaker address your team, inspiring them to aim higher once the calendar flips over.

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