In the past two weeks I have flown from Orlando to New York to Bologna, Italy to Istanbul to Bahrain to Kuwait back to Bahrain to London to New York back to Orlando and then to Mexico City and then back to Orlando. Now, I am home for one day and then I go to Panama for a full day event on Talent Leadership. I think I have seen all the best movies while filling the remainder of airplane time with work and sleep.

But, you cannot spend all this time flying without thinking about “things.” Family, life and business are the “things” I think about. I am thankful that my family–my wife Gayle and our four adult children are all doing great. I am so thankful for the arrival of our 1st grandchild, Luke Dominic Mattone, who is now almost 2 months old!

I am thankful that my business is strong, but I find time in the air to think about my business and what I can do better, differently so I can continue to bring my expertise in leadership, talent and culture to leaders and future leaders all over the world. THAT, is my mission. So, here’s my latest airplane thinking about the “gaps” that exist all over the world in leadership and culture:

The leadership gap is clearly a global issue. Despite the over 100,000 book titles on leadership, countless leadership events and retreats, university management development, we continue to see massive gaps in both leadership and culture-all over the world. Great leaders are truly few and far between. We need leaders who are able to see leadership as being bigger than spreadsheets and big data. It’s about thinking bigger and differently and asking bigger and better questions…like what is my legacy? Am I truly a role model? How do I want to be remembered? These are the questions great leaders ask themselves daily. They force you to a higher standard. Popping the “leadership bubble” requires leaders to make a decision to start asking bigger and better questions.

My challenge to leaders and future leaders reading this: If you want different, bigger and better results in your life and business, you must start asking yourself different, bigger and better questions! More musings from the air next week!

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