Even in an age of video on demand, keynote speakers remain hugely popular for celebrating key milestones, kicking off, or concluding major corporate events.

The live speaking event has remained irreplaceable for thousands of years. 

As wonderful as video is, nothing can take the place of a live speaker on a stage, enthralling the audience with information, interpretation, wisdom, and inspiration delivered directly. But how keynote speakers deliver information, and the topics on which they speak evolve over time.

This is particularly true in events related to technology, but it’s true everywhere else too. Keynote speeches must have relevance to their audience if they are to make a lasting impact. It will come as no surprise that many of today’s most popular keynote speech topics are related to technology. Here are five of the hottest keynote speaker topics requested today.

1. Innovation

While technology is largely concerned with tools, innovation is more concerned with the way in which things are done. Naturally, the tools used have a huge influence. But innovation is about better ways of doing things we’ve always done. It’s what allows us to pay bills online rather than writing checks and putting them in the mail. It’s what automates steps that used to have to be done manually, and it’s about breaking out of the older ways of thinking and conceiving of solutions. Innovation is always relevant, and that’s why it is perhaps the most in-demand keynote speaker topic.

2. Disruption

Disruption is related to innovation, but it isn’t the same thing. Disruption is about upending expectations, about looking at things through an entirely different lens. Remember when Netflix was a service for mailing DVDs back and forth? While almost forgotten today, it represented a hugely disruptive force in home entertainment. Skype is another example. For decades, people waited for telecommunications companies to develop video phones, but in the end, a software maker originally targeting a small potential user base completely redefined the concept. People like seeing problems and solutions in new ways, which is why disruption is such an important topic for keynote speakers.

3. Risk

Risk can certainly be quantified, and businesses regularly deal with risks that have been analyzed, quantified, and deemed acceptable. But the topic of risk is incredibly broad, and keynote speakers address it from countless perspectives. Sometimes the concept of risk is explored by a speaker who took huge risks and saw them pay off, for example. The risk is often closely related to inspiration. The inspirational keynote speaker often talks about the importance of recognizing risks and knowing which ones are worth taking.

Few topics make more of an impact than that of risks faced and overcome.

4. New Technologies

Technology always has been and always will be a popular topic for keynote speakers and their audiences. People like being wowed by new technologies, and they like imagining the ways in which those technologies might be used in their industries. Think of augmented reality. While at face it sounds like something that would be great for gaming and other fun experiences, people have found ways to put it to use in critical training exercises for professionals like pilots and surgeons. Keynote speakers who have something of substance to say about technology are likely to remain in high demand.

5. Corporate Social Responsibility

This one is a bit different. Technology and innovation are huge influencers in the corporate world, but there is a substantial and growing inquiry into the topic of corporations being good citizens. Organizations that are part of the community develop stronger ties with local people outside their corporate walls, and they can be agents for positive change. Popular topics included under the umbrella of corporate social responsibility include environmental responsibility and social responsibility, and ways corporations and other big players can introduce and sustain positive change in the world.

The most successful and in-demand keynote speakers are vigilant about keeping up with the tastes and preferences of their potential clients. The topics listed above are not, of course, the only topics suitable to great keynote speeches, and you can bet that, whatever topic your organization is interested in, there’s a keynote speaker who has the expertise and the enthusiasm to speak about it.

Put thought into the topic you want for your next keynote speech, and talk to several keynote speakers before making your decision. Choosing the right topic and the right speaker for your event will ensure success and lasting impact.


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