Can you remember an event you attended where you were completely blown away by the presenter or guest speaker? Perhaps it was a commencement address for college graduation or a conference where a passionate professional spoke of their trials and tribulations. Do you recall the passion in their voices? The excitement in their gestures? Good motivational speakers have the unique ability to inspire an entire room. Motivational keynote speakers can truly deliver thought-provoking and emotional speeches that give listeners the strength they need to reach their goals once walk out the doors. While it’s essential to have a knack for public speaking, it takes more than eloquent speech to make a motivational speaker successful. It takes much effort and practice to refine the methods of motivational speaking. So, how do they do it? How do motivational speakers lift us up and inspire us to do more?

Important Qualities of Motivational Speakers

A good and well practiced motivational speaker not only can paint a picture with their storytelling but teach a lesson and motivate individuals in a way that can relate to certain aspects of the audience’s life. Most importantly, a seasoned motivational speaker can read the room and speak to the audience’s needs rather than their own. Let’s dive into a few more important qualities that make up a successful motivational speaker.

  • Passion: In order to be a successful motivational speaker for events, it’s essential that one has a passion for what they do and what they speak about. Having a passion for what they do will only help them thrive as a motivational speaker. Most importantly, a motivational speaker who exudes passion in their work is someone who inspires others. An audience can pick up on a speaker’s passion for what they are doing and, in turn, have more respect for them and their work.
  • Dynamic: With time and circumstance, the needs of individuals change all the time. Any successful motivational speaker for events will know how to navigate these circumstances to ensure that their speech is always relevant to the audience. To truly impart wisdom and inspiration on your audience, motivational speakers must display dynamic qualities. To be dynamic, a motivational speaker must always remain up to date on the latest trends in their area of expertise.
  • Confidence: Confidence is key when it comes to motivational speaking. If you want your audience to be enthralled with what you are trying to impart on them, it’s essential that you have confidence in yourself.
  • A Strong Speaking Voice: Most of the time, motivational speakers will present in front of very large audiences. Therefore, it’s essential to have a strong and robust voice that will carry across the room. A seasoned motivational speaker for events has a voice that boasts influence and authority–keeping their audience focused throughout the entire presentation. Not only must a motivational speaker have a strong speaking voice, but they must speak with clarity, conciseness, and with perfect annunciation.
  • Empathy: Having empathy for your work and your audience is another essential quality for a motivational speaker to have. Being able to empathize with others will allow speakers to expand new depths in their work and relate to their audiences on another level. Great motivational speakers will us empathy to put themselves in their audience’s shoes to get a better understanding of how they feel. Empathy will give speakers the opportunity to deliver speeches that empowers everyone in the room.
  • Sense of Humor: Everyone likes someone with an appropriate sense of humor. Adding humor to your speeches is one of the best ways to keep your audience enthralled. Adding jokes or fun anecdotes into your speech is a wonderful way to keep your speech fun and light-hearted in certain sections.

While these are only a few examples, there are many important qualities that make up a great motivational speaker. Motivational speakers are truly charismatic while their speeches hold great substance. These individuals have the unique ability to deliver powerful messages and inspire those that listen to what they have to say. With these qualities, motivational speakers can lead their audience through a range of emotions while coming towards clarity and inspiration.

Why John Mattone Is a Leading Motivational Speaker

As one of the top executive coaches in the country and the #1 authority on Intelligent Leadership, John Mattone has spoken at some of the world’s most distinguished and reputable conferences around the world. On average, John Mattone specialized with global organizations that represent any industry and sector in the corporate world. In each speech that he gives, John Mattone accomplishes the following:

  • The transformation and renewal of their organization.
  • The remodeling of their corporate culture to better support their business needs.
  • The strengthening of leadership skills and mindsets
  • The building of excellent leadership to support business goals.

With over 30 years of experience, John Mattone exudes passion and authenticity in each and every one of the speeches he delivers around the world. From the moment he walks out on the stage, John Mattone starts out his motivational speeches with bang and end with his audience in awe of what they just experienced.

If you’re looking for a motivational speaker for your next corporate event, you’ll want to consider John Mattone for the job. As one of the best motivational speakers in the world, John Mattone always revolves his speeches around relatable content that will reach out and grab the audience’s attention from the start. Most importantly, John Mattone isn’t afraid to speak openly and honestly about his successes and his failures on his journey to becoming the man he is today. John Mattone has the humility to share lessons through his own mistakes and his own accomplishments, allowing the audience to truly relate to the purpose of his speech–also showing them that they too can accomplish what they may think is the impossible. John Mattone’s speeches are relatable, motivating, and easily inspire each and every person who attends. For your next corporate presentation, it’s advisable to consider John Mattone as your keynote motivational speaker.


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