A keynote speaker is someone that has the ability to motivate and engage an audience while providing the audience with informative and actionable items to walk away with. In many cases, a keynote speaker will speak at events including conferences, seminars, tradeshows, and other professional events. When a keynote speaker is successful, the audience will leave feeling thoughtful and motivated in continuing the discussion or actions to be taken on a specific topic. Many keynote speakers can relate with audiences based on personal experiences, but other keynote speakers can offer varying perspectives on a certain topic or thought process. When you have the combination of the two, it can be a truly productive and beneficial experience.

What Makes a Great Keynote Speaker?

There are many keynote speakers out there, so how do you know when one is a great keynote speaker that will yield real results for your audience? There are many different qualities and skills that a great keynote speaker should have including:

  • Credibility: A keynote speaker should have the background, certifications, and experiences needed to deliver an informative and educational speech for your specific audience or group.
  • Passion: A keynote speaker should have a passion for what he or she is speaking about. He or she should believe in what they are speaking about, and he or she should want the audience to feel the same passion when they leave the event.
  • Motivation: A keynote speaker should be able to motivate the audience and engage them in discussions to keep them attentive to the full speech. They should be energetic with their delivery, and their content should be inspirational.
  • Open to Feedback: A keynote speaker should be prepared to be open to feedback. Whether this means offering a Q+A session after the speech or offering a survey for feedback to the participants after the speech, it is beneficial for the speaker to be open to constructive feedback for future presentations.

Selecting the Ideal Speaker for Your Event

Determining the reason or intent behind your event is the most important element. Once you have this in place, you can start your research for the ideal speaker for your event. A keynote speaker should come prepared with questions that will tell them whether they are the right speaker for your event or not. They will also be able to understand the purpose behind your event so that they can fully prepare for their presentation. There are many things to review when selecting your keynote speaker including credibility, experience, personality, reputation, and much more.

What Can You Expect from John Mattone’s Keynote Speech?

As a leading name in the intelligent leadership and executive coaching world, John Mattone has worked with many companies in all types of industries and individuals of all career levels to help them reach new levels of success. From CEOs to government officials to entrepreneurs, John Mattone provides game-changing experiences for those that attend his speeches, retreats, or workshops. You can expect an energized, exciting presentation that provides real-life tactics and techniques to help boost an individual’s motivation and passion to excel in their professional growth. In addition, you can expect the audience to walk away thinking about a topic in a completely different way than what they first thought of when they walked in there.

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