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John Mattone is the #1 Authority on Intelligent Leadership, the World’s Top Executive Coach, the “Coach of Coaches” and Global Top Ten Leadership Authority and Speaker.

 “It is the disciplined pursuit of less that gives us more.”

– John Mattone

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Dear Friend,

Congratulations on taking a big step—actually, a quantum leap—toward igniting your inner-core, growing your leadership, living a more abundant life, and securing your legacy. I have come to believe nothing else in our lives matter, other than committing with deep purpose and focus to these four pillars. The essence of who I am and how I have grown my reputation to be known as the world’s top executive coach, the “coach of coaches” and one of the top global leadership authorities and speakers (all said with deep humility), is because I finally committed (in 2010 at 54 years old) to embracing these pillars. Yes, better late than never!

It took me a long time…

to recognize that the “secret” to my own achievement and fulfillment—in life and professionally, was connected to embracing and mastering these foundational pillars. Along the way, I was able to discover that the most important and powerful pillar was my inner-core and, once I learned to “go deep” and connect with it, embrace it, and learn about it and from it—my life changed! I discovered the ultimate “ignitor” to everything that matters in life is determined entirely by the strength, maturity and vibrancy of our inner-core. I have learned that if our character, values, self-concept, thinking patterns and emotions are strong, there is always positive “spill” to our “outer-core”, which is what the world sees. The key to our performance, achievement, reputation, and the results we get in life and business, is all ignited from within. As I have grown, I have learned to strengthen my own inner-core, which has fueled my own mastery of the pillars and now my life’s work is dedicated to helping others do the same. As you learn more about me and my company—John Mattone-Global, Inc., I am confident that you will see that we are here to help you get started on (and master) this exciting growth journey with me and our team as your coach, mentor and guide.

Don’t’ make the mistake I made…

which was committing—late in life, to discovering the “secret” to my own fulfillment. Now that you know my “secret”, I encourage you to act now. Don’t make the other big mistake many leaders make–trying to navigate this journey alone. Life, leadership and business is way too tough nowadays to try to go it alone. You owe it to yourself, your family, team and organization to be fully poised and prepared to meet and solve any challenge that comes your way. Let us help!

To start…

I wanted to give you a “sneak preview” of the foundation and core of my thinking and concepts (see below). I am proud that my thinking, research, concepts, assessments and tools have helped millions of leaders, coaches and organizations take it to the next level. And, I am (we are) honored to help you!

With Respect,

john mattone signature

“As in medicine, in the world of personal and leadership
development, prescription before diagnosis is malpractice.”

– John Mattone


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