There are many things that can make a great keynote speaker, including the ability to motivate others, create enthusiasm, generate excitement, provide strategic and informative presentations, and much more. Keynote speakers want their audiences to actually learn something from their presentations and leave feeling as though they just attended a meaningful and thoughtful event. Whether the keynote speakers pull on past events or simply present things from varying perspectives, it is important for the speaker to connect with the audience. Keynote speakers are not able to solve all problems within an organization simply by just showing up. They can, however, help to identify any issues and come up with tangible solutions to solve these issues. They can also help with creating new strategies and processes that will better the organization in regard to morale, procedures, culture, leadership, development, and in many other areas.

John Mattone’s Typical Clientele

John Mattone works with professionals of all levels – from entry-level to CEOs. However, he does have a special “niche” which includes anyone who:

  • Is looking to revamp their organization with better procedures and processes to see a better return on investment
  • Is looking to better their office morale and talent culture
  • Is looking to better their leadership development processes
  • Is looking to better and grow their leadership skillsets

John Mattone is a world leader in intelligent leadership, human resources, and talent culture. As a best-selling author, keynote speaker, and executive coach for individuals and companies all over the world, his presentations have been regarded as some of the most powerful out there.

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