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John Mattone is one of the top executive coaches in the world, and he has provided top-level leadership programs all over the map. One of the major locations where executives and companies utilize his executive coaching services in Atlanta.

The goal of any executive coach is to deliver results and that is exactly what John Mattone does with his executive coaching programs in Atlanta. No matter if you are an executive, a supervisor, a manager, or just anyone looking to improve professionally, John Mattone can help you reach your goals.

Once you start with our leadership and executive programs, you’ll embark on a journey of development. This journey involves helping you choose clear and defined goals, learn new problem-solving skills, and jumpstart your career to new levels.

Our priorities lie in creating a plan that helps our clients identify their weaknesses, improve on them, and ultimately develop them into the effective leaders that their teams can rely upon.

Executive Coaching in Atlanta

John Mattone’s executive coaching in Atlanta features top-notch knowledge and practical information that can be applied to assist in building organizations’ leaders and develop their skills to ignite their inner core, solidify their reputations, and create an empowering culture.

Our Intelligent Leadership Executive Coaching (ILEC) gives us a respectable and prominent base for what our programs offer:

  • A complete rundown of our 4 phases: Awareness, Assessment, Action, and Achievement. These phases are paired with our 7 key pillars to bring the most out of your development
  • 1-on-1 sessions with one of our expert ILEC coaches. These sessions last for various timeframes depending on your needs
  • Timely assessments to evaluate performance
  • A personalized leadership development plan by one of our experienced ILEC coaches
  • Potential option to have one of our ILEC-certified coaches shadow you during your typical workday
  • Specific coaching-prep for crucial business meetings such as stakeholder briefings, hiring interviews, and individual employee leadership plans

We pride ourselves on our unique approach to executive coaching.

Our results speak for themselves as many business executives have propelled their careers with our help.  John Mattone has the experience and knowledge to work with anyone who wants to improve their leadership skills.

Along with our ILEC program, John Mattone Global offers many other programs, such as the Super-Elite Executive Coaching program, the Intelligent Leadership Online Academy, specific Culture Assessments, the 2.5 day team coaching retreat, and many more.

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