New Haven Executive Coaching

new haven executive coachingAs more competition moves into New Haven, companies and professionals in the city need to invest in ways to expand their employees’ skill sets. It is often achieved by hiring an experienced executive coach to help them set measurable goals, experiment with practical, results-driven methods, and brainstorm ways in which their company and employees can grow together.

Professional New Haven Executive Coaching Services

One of the world’s top executive coaches, he helps companies and executives grow and develop in the New Haven area. Over the past twenty years, he has spent most of his time guiding people at all levels to become strong leaders in their own companies.

John Mattone and his team of experienced executive coaches offer a variety of executive coaching programs according to the needs of an executive or organization.

John Mattone addresses the following topics as part of his coaching programs:

Leading in a corporate environment requires top-notch communication skills. Furthermore, it includes the ability to communicate with colleagues, supervisors or clients, whether by email or telephone.

Different opinions sometimes lead to conflicts in companies. Leadership in a company requires the ability to resolve conflict effectively.

Courses on Executive Coaching

John Mattone offers one-on-one executive coaching sessions, which enable him to help executives identify and increase their strengths and improve areas of leadership and management. John Mattone develops a plan of action to help the executive improve these skills after identifying the areas that need improvement.

If you do not have the time to devote to a full executive training program, an accelerated program is also available to you.

John Mattone also offers mentoring programs on a monthly basis for people who want to develop specific skills. In general, the program lasts between 3-6 months, but it can be as long as an individual desires.

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