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Executive coaching has become increasingly popular over the last few years because professionals have found that it is a tool that really works in developing leaders within their organization and in growing companies in general. In fact, many have reported that their workplaces saw an increase in productivity, morale, and efficiency after participating in executive coaching in Winston-Salem.

Some of the factors that come from executive coaching that professionals have noted are the most important include self-awareness, listening skills and communication skills, the ability to empathize when required, and interpersonal relationship building.

While many leaders end up in higher positions because they depend on their intelligence, motivation, and technical skills, there are other skills that a leader needs to grow upon as they continue to advance.

John Mattone is one of the leading authorities on Intelligent Leadership and offers executive coaching in Winston Salem that provides a variety of benefits and boosts to:


If you hold a leadership position and want your workplace to thrive, you must possess self-awareness. When you are self-aware of all that is happening both personally and within the organization, you are able to continue self-development and encourage development for other team members. If you do not possess a sense of self-awareness, you may not realize what is holding you back or causing you to be an ineffective leader.

Emotional Intelligence

Being aware of your own emotions allows you to handle these emotions in a productive and logical way. You will learn how to handle situations within the workplace with better judgment and empathy, rather than simply going off on an employee who has made a mistake.

Social Awareness

Social awareness allows you to be aware of other team members’ moods and emotions. It allows you to understand their thought processes and have empathy when dealing with sensitive situations. In addition, social awareness allows you to create a more positive culture and work environment for your team.

Employee Retention and Development

Once you have learned to be self-aware and maintain both emotional and social intelligence, you will be able to engage more with employees. When employees feel more engaged, they are more eager to develop and grow within the company.

Work Performance

The ultimate goal of executive coaching is to see an increase in overall productivity, efficiency, and dedication. Executive coaching helps us to reach our full potential, which leads to happier and more positive mindsets.

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