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Company cultures can either make or break an organization. Company cultures offer a glimpse into a business’ values, mission and vision. Company cultures set the ratio for employee loyalty, satisfaction and performance. These factors are extremely important for businesses to succeed. It is well known that toxic cultures create a stressful environment for employees, which hinders performance as an example.

  1. Culture starts with the CEO. Are you a CEO who ‘Thinks Different” and “Thinks Big”? 
  2. Do you counter-balance “Thinking Different” and “Thinking Big” with heavy doses of humility? In other words, do you have the guts to be vulnerable and recognize that while you may be great in certain areas both individually and collectively as a company, you still have gaps that need to be addressed to achieve greatness? Are you able to see and feel the pain associated with staying the same and are you able to get your team to see and feel the pain? People only consider changing when the pain associated with staying the same is perceived to be worse than the pain associated with change, so are you effective in…..
  3. Creating a compelling future for your people and teams? It starts with great leadership at all levels.
  4. Are you able to change mindsets? If you can change mindsets you can change behavior. If you can change behavior, you will change results.
  5. Are you able to push the talent levers in support of your new culture?
  6. Are you passionate and diligent in measuring progress and course-correcting?

These are the steps I have discovered as I research and interview some of the top CEO’s in the world for my new book, Cultural Transformations: Lessons in Leadership and Corporate reinvention from the C-Suite Elite (Wiley, 2016). Every few weeks I will share “bits and pieces” of what I am learning and including in my new book.

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