Talent leaders can have a considerable impact in their teams’ performance and company culture. Leaders must inspire employees to succeed both personally in their lives and careers. But, most importantly, talent leaders can make a difference in the following eight instances:

  1. They truly believe that Talent is the key Differentiator that drives operating success.
  2. They understand the strategic direction of their organization and what that means in terms of the talent required to execute overall strategy.
  3. They recruit, select and promote talent based upon the competencies required for success (i.e., they are “in tune” with the “DNA” required to execute their strategy now and into the future and they are diligent in finding the talent with the right “DNA”).
  4. They benchmark “keep their fingers on the pulse” that their talentdoes in fact possess the skills, competencies and passion required for success(they are “stewards” of their talent).
  5. They know the strengths and “gifts” of their people and they give themopportunities to continue strengthening their strengths.
  6. They know the development opportunities of their people and they give them opportunities to strengthen these.
  7. They are a coach in the truest sense of the word; they create a powerfully, compelling work environment for individuals and their team—in which everyone feels truly “unleashed”.
  8. As a coach, they hold their people and team accountable…… continuously….for achieving what they set out to accomplish together in support of the mission and goals of their organization.

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