Online business coaching can deliver almost all the benefits of traditional business coaching with added convenience. Its other benefits include an added sense of privacy, competitive pricing, and access to digital resources. Online coaches can record their sessions and deliver them to clients later.

“Online education is like a rising tide, it’s going to lift all boats.” – Anant Agarwal. 

Like education, leadership and business coaching is a journey of co-discovery under the best circumstances. Coaches act like travel companions and advisors to their clients, helping them discover their best selves. The power of physical proximity is difficult to assess regarding the success of the leadership coaching effort.

We have proof, however, that online coaching works and yields similar results to face-to-face coaching. In some respects, it can’t equal the personal, interaction-based experience, but in others, it trumps “legacy” coaching.

online business coaching

Online business coaching works. 

“Online learning is not the next big thing, it is the now big thing.” – Donna J. Abernathy.

Online coaching is here to stay. Its convenience is impossible to beat for many leaders, and its advantages over traditional, face-to-face coaching are many.

A Sense of Privacy and Comfort

Online coaching delivers almost all the benefits of live coaching. It also allows leaders to partake in these benefits remotely through computers.

For introverted leaders, a computer tones down the intensity of the coaching experience enough to make it attractive. It acts as a mediator between the coach and student, making it more comfortable for some people to interact.

Clients who feel comfortable are more likely to open up and buy into the coaching session wholeheartedly.

Eliminating the Limitations of Geographical Location

Leaders and other business coaching clients interested in in-person coaching can only choose a coach who resides nearby. Unless one is super rich, flying in from halfway around the world is hardly an option.

Online leadership coaching solves that problem, opening up the coaching market and providing leaders with diverse options. Hiring an online coach from halfway around the world is entirely feasible.

Enhanced Accessibility

Finding an executive coaching specialist who speaks your language isn’t easy. Online business coaching is the answer to this problem, literally and metaphorically.

On one hand, with geographical distance not limiting your options, you can find a coach from the country of your preference speaking the language you want him or her to speak.


You can always find someone online who speaks your language metaphorically and literally. 

On the other, with access to a virtually limitless global market, you can always find a coach who shares your core values, understands your cultural biases, and fosters a similar outlook on life.

Competitive Pricing

With online executive coaching, coaches incur fewer overhead costs. They don’t have to rent a physical space. They don’t have to travel, and they don’t need to pay for accommodations should their coaching commitments take them to different towns.

Lower overhead costs mean more competitive coaching fees, as coaches can afford to make their services available for less.

The Ability to Record and Re-watch Sessions

Online coaching expands the boundaries of leadership coaching. It allows coaches to deliver their services live and record sessions so clients can re-watch them and ensure they don’t miss any insights or subtle nuances.

Coaches can also record their sessions and deliver them to clients later.

Digital Resources

Online coaching gives all parties involved access to a trove of educational tools and resources they can use to make better points, ask better questions, and co-discover profound truths. From worksheets to graphs, statistics, e-books, and various training materials, nothing is ever further than a few clicks away when coaching online.

The challenges of online coaching are fewer than its benefits. They’re also easier to overcome. For instance, technological literacy, one of the limiting factors, can change quickly with practice.

Some other limiting factors are:

  • A lack of nonverbal communication
  • Technical problems that may affect the quality of communication
  • Distractions
  • Time-zone differences in the case of long-distance coaching
  • A lack of physical proximity may make it more difficult for coaches to build rapport with clients

“Learning doesn’t just happen during business hours in the office or in the classroom. It happens everywhere, through a number of different channels.” – Eric Schuermann. 

Online education breaks down the barriers to learning; online coaching does the same.


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