Jon Warner

With 15 years in senior management and another 15 in management consulting, Jon Warner, CEO of ReadyToManage Inc., is familiar with the challenges organizations face during times of transition. And lucky for us, he was was kind enough to answer a few questions about effective change management and how organizations can best foster change. Here’s what he had to say:

What is change management?

Being prepared for harnessing anything that will disrupt the prevailing ways that things are being done right now in a team or organization.

What challenges do organizations typically face when managing change?

Many. But overcoming inertia, communicating a compelling vision, and a lack of leadership are three big ones.

What are the most common issues your clients hope you can help them with?

Forward strategy in all of its forms.

What have you found are the biggest roadblocks to change?

Recalcitrant individuals who can negatively impact others, and poor leadership.

What types of organizations are best able to foster change?

Agile ones that have innovation at the core of their DNA.

What should leaders within an organization be doing to best prepare their teams for change?

Communicating and innovating.

What advice do you find yourself repeating to clients over and over about managing change?

Be clear about the vision and make it compelling for all.

What business leaders do you think are especially effective at managing change?

Those that communicate well and in many different ways.

What are your favorite change management resources?

Anything written by John Kotter, but there are many others. I particularly like all the books produced by Dan and Chip Heath.

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