Keynote events are great resources to unify teams and promote valuable information that can help push professionals and companies to that next level with motivation, valuable insight, and success-driven business techniques.

While COVID-19 has changed the world quite a bit, keynote speaker events are still very much happening via virtual software, such as Zoom and Google Hangouts.

Before you take part in a keynote event, it is essential to plan out the entire event to ensure the audience is engaged and walks away feeling as though they sat through a positive and results-driven experience.

The planning process should begin as soon as you agree to be a keynote speaker for a team of executives, companies, or any other type of audience. This planning is a responsibility for both the keynote speaker and the individual planning the event.

Here are some ways to ensure your keynote speaker event is a success for your audience:


Research and book the venue that is the right fit for your specific event.

Picking the right venue for your event is essential in ensuring the experience for the audience is a successful one. You want to make sure you have the right size to fit the audience you are expecting to attend, in addition to having any snacks or beverages depending on how long the event is expected to be. Look up venues that have had events similar to yours in the past to ensure it is spacious enough and will be an effective location for the specific event.

Ensure there is availability for technology, such as microphones, screenshares, and so forth. Also, make sure the lighting is fit so the audience can view the presentation clearly.


Ensure you have a website or event page to keep track of those planning on attending the event.

In order to make sure you are able to keep track of the attendees for the event, it is important to have a website or an event website where users can RSVP to make sure there is enough seating available. In addition, it is important to promote this website via digital marketing tactics like search engine optimization (SEO), social media, and pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns.

It also helps to create a few blog posts on what the event will be about and what the event will cover to help attendees know what to expect.


Utilize social media and other forms of digital marketing to promote your event.

Social media can be an incredible marketing tool when it comes to promoting a keynote speaker event. In addition to other digital marketing campaigns like Google Ads, social media ads and organic posts can really help promote the event through targeting the right audience that you want to attend the speaker event. You can use platforms like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, and other social platforms to promote the event.


Email marketing to your internal list of clients, customers, or employees can significantly help attendance.

If you have an internal email list, it is beneficial to send out a newsletter with the event’s information and how to RSVP to the event. Email marketing can be extremely effective in reaching the right target audience for attending the keynote speaker event you are putting on for the respective crowd.

You should include information on the keynote speaker, the topic to be discussed, the takeaways, and the overall objectives of the event in the email newsletters.


Identify any influential individuals that would be a great fit for the audience that would want to attend the event.

If there are any influential individuals in the industry related to the keynote speech, you should research and reach out to these individuals and send an invite for the event. These individuals are able to promote the event via their social media channels and websites to encourage their relevant followers to attend the event.

In conclusion, the benefits of an effective keynote speech can prove to be advantageous if proper planning has occurred, exceptional promotion was put in place, and the speaker’s execution is confident, engaging, motivating, and informative.


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