Building a successful career as an executive coach requires that you learn to sell definable outcomes rather than simply “coaching.” People are willing to invest their time and resources when they are confident they are buying a measurable solution to a challenging-to-define problem. It’s about learning what a leader wants to be able to say about themselves a year from now, articulating that vision, and charting a path to get there.

My Intelligent Leadership Executive Coaching Certification Program is being offered two times in the month of June as a global online program, and it’s an outstanding opportunity for you to build your business and brand as an executive coach. Upon completing certification, you will be able to offer your clients a proven coaching process and tools that are guaranteed to produce results and deliver an impressive ROI.

Executive Coach Certification

As your clients drive to the office, what’s on their mind? What are their goals?

The Intelligent Leadership Executive Coaching Initial Mastery Certification is accredited by the International Coach Federation. For completing it you will receive 22.25 Coaching Continuing Education Units and 21.75 Core Credits. Delivered over three days, this coaching certification program immerses you in leadership coaching development so that you can help leaders (and leaders in the making) to unlock their full potential. You’ll also have access to optional year-long follow-up so you can fully master this coaching process. Plus, this certification will advance you toward the “Advanced” and “Master IL Coach” levels.

Executive Coach Program Elements and Core Coaching Skills

During this immersive, two-day program, you will gain competence in:

  • Skills self-assessment for executive coaching
  • Context and behavioral interviewing and debriefing
  • Creating a leader’s Core Purpose Statement
  • Defining a leader’s strengths and gifts and making an Action Plan to maintain them
  • Defining a leader’s skills gaps and creating an Action Plan to address them
  • Defining the value of leadership growth for the client, their organization, and other stakeholders
  • Bringing stakeholders and mentors into the coaching process
  • Developing Action Plans for growth and change
  • Practicing behavioral reinforcement
  • Measurement of leadership impact and growth
  • Building your own coaching brand
  • Analyzing and debriefing the Mattone Leadership Enneagram Inventory (MLEI) and Strategic-Tactical Leadership Index-360 (STLI-360) assessments

Program Agenda

Executive Coaching Workshop

The workshop is packed with activities to help you develop as a respected leadership coach.

Before the workshop, each attendee will complete the MLEI and receive a personalized MLEI Client Interpretive Report. Each attendee will also complete the Executive Coaching Self-Assessment prior to the workshop. The workshop’s first day begins with an overview of the John Mattone Executive Coaching Process and continues with reviews and discussions of coaching proposals and contracts. Participants will learn to understand the Wheel of Intelligent Leadership and the Stealth Model for engaging with clients to understand their needs thoroughly. They’ll also learn how to use the MLEI and Input-Output Processing Template (IOPT) for debriefing after a client completes the MLEI. The afternoon session includes how to measure, interpret, and debrief a client’s outer core using the STLI-360 as well as how to use the assessment-driven Individual Development Planning tool (ILDP) and other resources. Participants will also learn how to engage stakeholders and mentors in the process of leadership behavioral change.

Day Two begins with a focus on articulating leadership growth areas, defining the value of leadership growth for clients and stakeholders, and a review of example emails and messages to stakeholders and mentors. A Stakeholder Meeting practice exercise will cap off the morning. The afternoon session picks up with a leadership story exercise, an MLEI exercise concerning predominant and least-mature traits, and a Core Purpose Statement exercise. The use of LeaderWatch mini-surveys to measure leadership impact and improvement will be covered, before a session of sharing results and commitments from participants’ Executive Coaching Self-Assessments.

Your Executive Coach Certification

This certification program is accredited and approved by the International Coach Federation and includes certification to administer, interpret, and debrief the powerful MLEI as part of leadership coaching. Furthermore, those who complete the certification will be qualified to administer, interpret, and debrief the STLI-360, and will have access to a complementary library of resources of executive coaching tools, including templates, guides, exercises, and sample worksheets for use in your own coaching tool kit.

The goal is no less than your becoming the most effective executive coach you can be, and I think I’ve developed a sound program for doing that. As one of my Certified Executive Coaches, Charmaine Yvette Allen of South Africa, kindly put it, “John’s holistic A-Z approach is simple for coaches yet powerful for the executive.” The workshops are offered on a monthly basis, and I would be delighted to have you participate. I also invite you to learn more about my leadership coaching services.

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