I have some exciting news that’s particularly applicable for friends and clients in the state of Florida. I recently entered into a strategic partnership with HR Soul, a Tampa-based HR and talent management consulting firm. Together we will provide leadership and executive coaching programs for our Florida clients.

HR Soul isn’t your typical HR consulting company. They understand the competitive marketplace and specialize in connecting people with companies where both parties can fulfill ambitious goals – on a personal and corporate level. Because of the extensive senior level human resources experience HR Soul has, they can work as generalists or specialists, delivering solutions that take companies to a higher level of business performance.

Providing Leadership To Florida

I’m thrilled to be partnering with Tampa-based HR Soul to provide leadership and executive coaching services to Florida clients.

Our Goal: An Engaged and Invested Workforce

In a marketplace as competitive as today’s, it’s not enough to attract and retain great talent. Differentiation from the competition requires having leaders who are engaged in what they’re doing and who connect with their teams with purpose. Employee engagement levels aren’t nearly what they could be, with only about one-third of US workers considering themselves “engaged” in their jobs. An even smaller proportion of American workers believes their current position fully utilizes their strengths, which means there are a lot of restless professionals with an eye out for other opportunities.

Company Culture and the “People Strategy”

My partnership with HR Soul allows us to work together with the best-in-class assessment tools to help companies and their leaders develop strategies, understand their corporate culture, and align leadership with organizational goals while developing an increasingly engaged workforce. How this “People Strategy” plays out will be unique to the client, but it will draw from several powerful component services:

  • Team and organizational cultural assessment
  • Gap analysis
  • Purpose clarification
  • Development of strategic objectives
  • Understanding of communication and team member styles
  • Definition of commitments and actions

The end goal of all of this is for companies to realize the great potential of their human capital so they can make the most of their sustainable growth potential.

Ultimate Goal

Maximum sustainable growth is our ultimate goal.

Talent, Culture, and Leadership

As HR Soul Partner and Co-Founder Paul Cortissoz says, companies have to focus on the “Big Three” overarching concepts of talent, culture, and leadership. Engaging cultures and strong leadership go together at all levels. Great leadership isn’t the only factor in employee engagement, but it’s a key differentiator between the “good” workplace culture and the exceptional one.

Working together, we plan to deliver the classic win-win scenario for companies and their employees. Paul says (and I agree completely) that having a strong leadership pipeline requires more of a “build” than a “buy” approach. And that’s what I will be providing, in the form of leadership development programs and executive coaching.

Coaching that Makes the Difference

Coaching doesn’t mean much unless it produces bottom line results and measurable business impact, and my Intelligent Leadership Executive Coaching Process and Certification has been accredited by the International Coach Federation (ICF). I’m delighted to be associated with the ICF because I consider them world leaders in the professional coaching community. Accreditation indicates that the ICF is confident of measurable results from executive coaching services. Both Paul Cortissoz and Partner and Co-Founder Andrea Cortissoz are now certified in the Intelligent Leadership Coaching Process as well, and will be able to offer exclusive services to their Florida clients as a result. And I’m thrilled to have my name and my coaching process and certification associated with HR Soul.

HR Soul leads its peers, with both deep and broad HR experience and commitment to having every client and every client’s workforce achieve both business and personal success. That mission aligns closely with my own, and I’m excited about the partnership we’re bringing to businesses and their leaders in the state of Florida. I encourage you to have a look at my blog, which concern leadership, talent, and corporate culture. In them, I offer detailed information on both the importance of corporate culture and how to develop the corporate culture that makes sense for your organization.

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