The fourth in my series of short talks with Moustafa Hamwi on passion and leadership was about rekindling passion along the journey of success, and what you can do to encourage your own passion for your calling to thrive. In short, it requires persistence, but there are also things you can do when you feel “stuck” that can keep you moving forward.

Passion as a leader There are specific things you can do to help your own passion thrive.

Here’s our discussion. You can also watch a video of this talk on YouTube

  • Moustafa Hamwi: How does a leader rekindle their passion along their journey?
  • John Mattone: You know, I’m a big proponent of calibrate, recalibrate, calibrate, recalibrate. It’s important that every night before you put your head down on the pillow, you reflect on the essence of your day and where things went well, that’s great, you give yourself a quick pat on the back. Where things didn’t go well, you need to course correct, you need to commit that tomorrow. So, I think, just being diligent around calibration is very, very important. There is always room to read and nourish the soul and continue to listen to the great speakers and go to the executive education programs, and actually here’s what I would say. You can learn from everybody, just open up and connect with everybody because there’s always somebody you can learn from and often we shut people out that we shouldn’t shut out.
  • MH: And then there’s this point of hoping that passion will be easy, you know. It will come, I attract it. Is it really that, or is there going to be a lot of hard work to make passion come true?
  • JM: I think for a lot of people it’s ebb and flow, inevitably because reality hits. So, you can be passionate about a pursuit and then you might hit incredible failure, after failure, after failure … welcome to the world of entrepreneurism, right?

Passionate Leadership
What I have seen, I think we all have seen, is that there is going be an ebb and flow always but, if you always stay close to the strength and the vibrancy of your inner-core, true to your character and true to your values and you continue to be a positive thinker and your emotions are positive, you are going be able to work through any challenge and be successful. Success is defined not in the destiny achieved but how you evolve and grow along the journey. It is continuous learning that ignites continuous energy and passion. Destiny achievement is episodic. Continuous learning is by definition – chronic but, in a good way! I hope you have enjoyed my talks with Moustafa Hamwi. I certainly did. He really walks the talk when it comes to being passionate, and his own drive and passion have certainly fueled his success. There’s simply no reason that your organization can’t benefit from the kind of passion and drive that Moustafa and I discussed.

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