I just got back home after spending the past five days coaching executives as part of the Florida Atlantic University Executive MBA Program. We just concluded an intense, but rewarding summer semester. What a privilege to have the opportunity to work with such outstanding people as part of this outstanding EMBA program. FYI…each semester I coach 25-30 EMBA students and my goal is to expose them to the same coaching I deliver to my private clients, only we accelerate the process!

Each student is interviewed by me and then goes through a battery of leadership assessments. We then debrief the assessment results and each student begins building a custom leadership development individual development plan designed to leverage their strengths and address one or two development needs (I give them tools and a process for doing this).They must share their IDP’s with key stakeholders to receive feedback and then their IDP is finalized. Looking forward to starting the fall semester in late August!

My executive coaching schedule is very full. In addition to my work at FAU, I have a couple of coaching contracts with major corporations in which I currently coach 5 senior executives and 4 high-potential executives. My speaking schedule is also very busy and we just solidified an agreement with a major conference group in Dubai to organize an event based on my book, Talent Leadership. This event is scheduled for late November. very exciting!

I was just interviewed by Amazon Hall of Fame Reviewer, Robert Morris about my books, my background, why I do what I do, etc….and I am looking forward to posting this interview in two parts beginning next week. I was also interviewed by Skip Prichard who manages one of the top leadership blogs in the world. He really liked by new book, Intelligent Leadership….and he asked me a number of insightful questions. To read this interview, click here.

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