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Located in southern Los Angeles, Long Beach, California combines upbeat city living with a serene oceanside lifestyle. With over 80 miles of beaches nestled along the Pacific Ocean, there is always something for residents and tourists to enjoy. Whether it be partaking in various water-based activities such as boating and surfing or just enjoying the diverse culture the city has to offer, there is always something new to experience in Long Beach.

Long Beach has been named one of California’s most business-friendly cities and, as home to one of the country’s largest ports, it’s no surprise that companies thrive here. While industries such as oil, tourism, and aviation are largely present in this community, there is still a wide variety of smaller businesses that call Long Beach home, creating a fulfilling culture for both young and established professionals that reside here.

John Mattone’s Leadership Training in Long Beach is designed to work with professionals in leadership roles across any industry. This training course was mindfully created by John Mattone’s award-winning team for professionals to be the absolute best version of themselves for the benefit of the organization and individual teams.

World-Class Leadership Training in Long Beach 

Through John Mattone’s signature 4 A process — Awareness, Assessment, Action, and Achievement — you will walk away from this training with the necessary tools to make an immediate and sustainable improvement in your workplace. Individuals who have taken this course have expressed significant growth on their teams with clear and powerful results. The Long Beach leadership training will focus on the following:

  • Effective communication within your team
  • Personal and professional growth
  • Identifying ways to improve work culture

All attendees will be able to benefit from John Mattone’s leadership training, regardless of what stage they are at in their careers. Depending on experience level and specific goals and objectives, the following sessions are available:

  • Intelligent Leadership
  • Transforming Culture
  • Talent Culture
  • Success Yourself: Unlocking and Unleashing Your Greatest Potential
  • Leadership Coaching and Talent Management

John Mattone has over 20 years of experience in leadership training and is widely recognized as one of the most effective coaches within this industry. Throughout his career, John has helped thousands of professionals across a multitude of industries to excel in their leadership roles through one-on-one training and speaking engagements.

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