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16 Laws of Intelligent Leadership

My 1st Law of Intelligent Leadership. Sounds simple but think of how often you are around people who try and who often succeed to “hold you down”. Make no mistake, the decision to surround yourself with people of extraordinary character and competence is one of the most important decisions you will ever make. Life is full of setbacks, challenges, and failure. It can also be full of abundance both in the journey and results we achieve. One of the abundant rewards along the way is being surrounded by people who “hold you up”, regardless of the challenge you face.

If you want to breakthrough to achieve new levels of success, happiness, and abundance, you need to expand your sphere of connections to include mentors and stakeholders who represent and reflect the levels to which you aspire. I am not talking about throwing away your friends. I am talking about expanding your sphere to include new relationships that will offer you new dreams, new insights, new lessons, and a revitalized passion for what is possible in your personal and professional life!

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