Leadership speakers aren’t just for industry events and conferences. Sometimes, in the course of ordinary business, occasions arise where a speaker can elevate the discourse, motivate people, or help them celebrate their hard work. While you don’t need leadership speakers for ordinary celebrations like ones for people celebrating birthdays in a given month, there are other business occasions when leadership speakers can be just the right addition to the agenda to make it more memorable and effective. Here are some of the times when hiring a leadership speaker can be a smart business idea.

Leadership Speaker

Milestones and accomplishments sometimes call for a celebration program, complete with an inspirational speaker.

When a Big Challenge Is on the Horizon

Every industry and every business faces “push” times. Perhaps a new government regulation is requiring a major update to how you do things, like the time when healthcare businesses had to switch from ICD-9 coding and billing to ICD-10 – a process that was described as “becoming fluent in a new language.” Or maybe your company is about to go up against serious competitors for a major contract.

The point is, there are “make or break” junctures in every business, and sometimes leaders like to kick off these periods of intensity with a special occasion of some sort. Leadership speakers can be a great addition, particularly if you choose one who speaks regularly about overcoming obstacles and succeeding.

When a Milestone or Major Accomplishment Occurs

Let’s say you landed that major contract, or reached the ICD-10 deadline successfully. It certainly doesn’t mean that the hard work is over! In many ways, the hard work is just beginning. Yet, it’s important to let everyone appreciate all the hard work that went on and bask a little in their part in the organizational success.

Whether it’s with a celebratory picnic or an afternoon of entertainment in which you choose to show people appreciation for their contributions, a leadership speaker can make the event better. Here, you want someone who is positive, upbeat, and falls a little more on the “entertaining” side rather than inspirational. You want a speaker who will prompt people years from now to occasionally think, “Remember when?”

When a Company Is Stuck in a Rut

CEO Executive Playing

Sure, things are ticking along as they should. But sometimes it’s good to light a fire under people. 

Maybe there’s nothing really wrong with the company progress or morale, but there’s nothing really great about it either. In some ways, being stuck in a rut indicates that you’ve found your bearings as a company and are “clicking” with your role in the industry. But that’s not good enough over the long term.

If things have been going along, business as usual, for a long time, maybe a day-long, or half-day event capped off by a rousing leadership speaker could help everyone shake off the monotony and go back to their work with renewed inspiration. If it’s in your budget and schedule, then perhaps it’s worth considering.

When You Want to Maintain Momentum

Isn’t it great when your company hits its stride? You have a great team, and you’re all working together to reach common goals. You’re respected in the industry, and other companies look to you as an example. What could be better?

Some companies in this position choose to maintain the momentum through programs like “lunch and learn” sessions, or weekly awareness series. Most companies don’t have the budget to book high-profile speakers for such a series, but you don’t necessarily have to. A series of lunch and learn sessions could be highlighted by presentations from your own team members, or local dignitaries, perhaps capped off by a final session featuring a noted leadership speaker. This can be a great hedge against falling into a rut, and can help keep everyone on their toes.

Leadership speakers can elevate even rather ordinary business events into something memorable and inspirational. They’re not just for kicking off a trade convention or wrapping up a technical conference. Some of the more ordinary or company-specific events that come up in the life of any business can be a terrific opportunity to book a speaker and take the event to the next level.

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